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Five UoB vegan Instagrams you didn’t know you needed

get ready for some serious food porn

With Extinction Rebellion taking to the streets and Vegan Munch just down the road from campus, there's never been a better time to be vegan than now. But for financially challenged students, it's not always as easy as just cutting out meat entirely, especially when it gets in the way of your post-Fab Roosters. However, there are a whole load of UoB vegan food bloggers who definitely prove that you don't necessarily have to splash the cash to save the planet – meet five UoB vegan Instagrammers who'll sort you out with some fab dinner inspiration for the rest of the year.


The aesthetic value of @princesshoumous will definitely elevate your feed – get ready for lots of mediterranean veg used in super creative ways, alongside some vegan takes on British classics, and a dab of asian inspiration too. The recipes might not always be the best for a quick tea after a day of lectures, but they're a great go-to if you want a good long cooking session on a weekend – and trust me, the flavour pay-off is so worth the time invested.


@nutritinina is a jack of all trades, and the tasty mix of sweet treats, yummy curries and creamy pasta goodness definitely proves that the vegan diet can offer versatility. Although she's a third year student at UoB, she also posts some banging London based vegan restaurant spots on her story, so definitely keep an eye out if you're ever looking for a plant-based bite in the big city.


@rosscooksveganfood is a great example of what it's like to realistically live life as a UoB vegan student, and is a great place to scout for a scrummy weeknight tea. There are absolutely no pretensions with this account – just good, hearty, homemade food that everyone from novice cook to professional chef can enjoy. A lot of the meals are also pretty heavy on the plant-based protein too, so great inspiration if you're wanting to keep up on those gains.


@what_sophs_eats is a personal fave, because there's such a great mix of healthy, homemade food and then meals out in both Birmingham and beyond – it'll definitely help you figure out where to take your parents for vegan food when they come to visit. Her feed feels super fresh, and will definitely add a pop of colour into your late night scrolling sessions. but be warned – it'll also probably make you feel guilty for sleeping through your alarm and skipping breakfast, because her morning smoothie bowls always look so goddamn good.


@megs.veg describes her account as "vegan food for every mood", and more often than not, that mood is carby and delicious. There's a whole host of fresh homemade dishes that feature, alongside some gorgeous shots of local vegan meals out, but the main appeal are the fab shots of hangover scran galore – proof that vegans don't just live of carrot sticks and hummus all of the time.

Enjoy your introduction to plant-based goodness on your feed and at your uni!