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Why the holidays are the absolute best time to be in Selly

Imagine actually getting a seat in the library for once

For the average Selly Oak student, staying in their uni house over the holiday would be the saddest thing that could happen. Instead of mum's lovely home-cooking and a working washing machine, they're left with nothing but the rats in the garden and the rather overwhelming stench of bins. But for those of us in the know, the Easter break is in fact the absolute best time to be in Selly Oak – here are all the reasons why.

Finally, you can get a seat in the library!!

This might be the obvious plus, but unless you've experienced the joy for yourself, you'll never quite understand the thrill of getting to the library past 10.30am and still having your pick of places to study. As you don't have to arrive at the crack of dawn to reserve your place, sleep deprivation becomes a thing of the past, and you can even sneak out to grab a meal deal for your lunch without anyone pinching your seat. Desks, armchairs, sofas, booths – the world really is your oyster, and you are the pearl, ready to claim that first you so rightfully deserve. Honestly, it doesn't get better than this.

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an ENTIRE booth to myself!!

In fact, you have your pick of study spaces on campus

Remember all those other places on campus to study? You know – the ones that you circle around helplessly after you were driven from the library, only to realise that it's still just a hopeless case, and you may as well head home? Well, right now, these spaces are open, well-lit, have plug-sockets galore, and absolutely no-one is using them. If you're really not feeling the library, you have an utter buffet of study space options available- everywhere from the Mason Lounge to the Murray Learning Centre are just waiting to welcome those of us dedicated enough to remain in Selly, with open arms.

The uni gym is also super quiet

The Easter holiday offers the perfect time to get working on those fitness goals, because the gym is never going to be quieter than right now. No need to worry about looking good for your prospective Old Joemance – you can scrape back your hair and sweat till your heart's content. There's space to use your Grace Fit bands without judgement, and you can have a whole 4 weeks worth of leg-day, because the leg press is actually free for once. And, most importantly, there's way more time to take narcissistic selfies, without anyone rolling their eyes at your Gymshark leggings and sports-bra combo.

The Aldi queues are short and sweet

For the budget conscious student, Aldi really is the place to be, but if we're being honest, who really has the time or patience for those queues? We all start with the best of intentions, but 3 weeks in, nothing sounds better than a lovely Tesco delivery, straight to your door. But right now, you can revel in those cheap cheeses and Specialbuys – the lack of other students equals minimal queuing and maximum stock availability, so you're in no danger of going without your affordable houmous selection.

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in and out of Aldi in 15 minutes – who'd have thought it?

You have a chance to explore all the other spots that Birmingham has to offer

Admittedly Selly Oak (aka the land of crime) doesn't have a whole lot to offer in terms of cultural hotspots. So, if you do fancy leaving your student digs for an afternoon and exploring the rest of the lovely city we call home, the Easter break means that you don't have to battle with your fellow students for a space on the train, and you can get your teeth into that #selfcaresunday lifestyle by taking yourself out on a solo date. Recommendations include the Ikon gallery, vintage shopping in Digbeth, or if you really want to stretch your legs, venturing out to Stratford to catch a £5 Shakespeare play is a guaranteed a good time.

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look how happy they all are

And, most importantly, you can walk around your house naked

Unless your relationship with your housemates is wildly different to mine, this is a treat that you rarely get to enjoy. But there's something liberating about not having to cloak yourself in a slightly clammy dressing gown as you walk from the shower to your room, and making a cup of tea in your birthday suit is going to infinitely improve the experience. Just watch out for those pesky windows – just because most people have left Selly Oak behind for Easter, doesn't mean a few lucky ducks won't still be able to catch a cheeky glimpse of you in your nude and nakey, as they return from their stint at the library.