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Turns out UoB didn’t spend a single penny on the weird HuddleBox in the library

Thank god for that

Yesterday, The Birmingham Tab reported students absolutely rinsing the library's newest addition: the HuddleBox.

On a whiteboard designed for feedback, UoB students went in, rating it "2/10", and saying "we need desks not plastic boxes".

However, they need not worry. The Birmingham Tab can reveal that the HuddleBox was not paid for by the uni, but given to them on a trial basis.

In a poll conducted by The Birmingham Tab, we found that 94 per cent of participants answered "no, give us more desks" to the question, "are you a fan of the HuddleBox?". This amounted to over 1,200 people.

Only six per cent of voters said "it's fucking great".

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The university told The Birmingham Tab, "The HuddleBox has cost no money to the University of Birmingham or its students. It was brought in as a trial for this week only with all expenses paid by the supplier.

"The idea is to see if such solutions are appropriate and allow us to gather feedback from students. The aim of this is to try different solutions before investing money."