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Scam email pretends to offer £1,750 grant to Brum students

All you need to do is give all your personal details!

At around 11am this morning, numerous students at the University of Birmingham received an email informing them that the Department of Education will award them £1,750.

To claim the money, you have to enter your bank details.

IT services at the University have told students that the email is definitely fraudulent and not to take any further action.

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The fraudulent email

The double use of 'sincerely' is a good hint that the email is fake. But if you look at the email address, you can see that it is definitely not from the University of Birmingham.

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The fraudulent email address

The 'required information' ensures that the fraudsters will be able to gain access to your bank account.

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The 'required information'

The University told the Birmingham Tab that they became aware of the situation earlier today when students started to contact them for advice and information. The University are also working with IT Services to determine if it is possible to block any further similar messages.

The University has released an alert to its student news pages to inform students that this is a spam/scam communication and that they should not take any action.