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Curtis Collins is your 2018 UoB BNOC

The third year Maths student says drinks on him x

Curtis Collins has been crowned your BNOC, following a last minute surge which saw him secure 42.9% of the vote. The Old Joemance moderator has been rewarded for his hard work bringing romance to Brum, and can add this title to his list of achievements.

Curtis will be celebrating in style by throwing a house party with plenty of VKs, to mark his new title and graduation. He’s been overwehelmed by the support he’s had throughout both his degree and the competition.

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Luckily, Curtis is continuing onto a fourth year at UoB, so you can catch your elected BNOC around campus for the next year.

Curtis’ advice to aspiring BNOCs is to “go to every event you can, any night out, and find the societies that are right for you!”. Oh, and run a hugely popular Facebook page of course.

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First year JJ Moothathamby came second, and second year Emily Harman placed third.