The new sports centre finally opened and it did not disappoint


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On Monday the new sports centre at the University of Birmingham finally opened after long delays.

The grand facade

The new sports centre has been named “University of Birmingham Sport and Fitness” in a last minute change, instead of its original name “360 Sport and Fitness”. Opening times are 6am – 10:30pm Monday to Friday, and 6am – 8pm on weekends.

The new centre boasts an impressive range of features, such as 50 metre length swimming pool, a climbing wall, a modern and large gym, another campus Costa and ‘The Arena’.

Reaching new heights

Things for students to be aware of at the new centre is that car parking is for community members only. If they use the car park then standard charges will apply. One student has already posted on Fab n Fresh about receiving a hefty fine. Members will also need to collect a UBSport locker wristband to use the lockers in the changing rooms if they have not done so already – if these are lost they incur a replacement charge.

Memberships can be taken out for the gym, swimming, squash or a combination of these. If you’re graduating soon, there is alumni pricing so that you can enjoy the new facilities without paying as much as external community members.

You can currently book a tour to look around, if you’re not a member, so come down and check out the gym. The cardio equipment is surprisingly high tech.

The treadmills even have Netflix!