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The perfect recovery guide for recovering student shopaholics

Countdown until the student loan drops

The new sports centre finally opened and it did not disappoint


Having depression doesn’t have to become part of your identity

Depression should not determine how we live our lives

Exclusive: UoB’s beloved Old Joe is being knocked down

The university can no longer afford to maintain the iconic clock tower

There’s literally a giant inflatable obstacle course for adults coming to Birmingham

Alcohol is sold too

How to take the best photo of Old Joe

Can you even take a bad photo of Old Joe?

ABandOn: Live music is coming to the Guild

It’s one of the first events of its’ kind in years

Police were called to Pryzm after overcrowding yesterday

People with tickets were turned away

We want you to write for The Tab Birmingham this term

Teamwork makes the dream work

Rugby Union Varsity: UoB Sport vs UoB Medics

The most competitive and unpredicatable Rugby Union Varsity in the country

Ex-Brum student starts up-and-coming ice-cream business

Who can say no to personalised minute made ice-cream?

UoB aims to restore the extraordinary Municipal Bank

The bank will soon be a part of our campus

An insiders guide to Fetish Society

Curiosity is key

Cocktails are way better than a night out

No one downs bottles of wine anymore

How to stay warm in student housing

Winter is coming

Brum campus style

Time to strut your stuff

‘Students bullied me because of my mental health and it nearly drove me to suicide’

The uni needs to sort out how they deal with mental health, but so do we

Brum students react to the U.S. election result

‘This is the most fucking awful thing, even my lecturer was crying’

Eating in the library is our right, not a privilege

I had to go home to write this, because I wanted to eat my orange

xpLosION is on Saturday and it’s going to be amazing

It’s the 10th anniversary game