The very best snaps of UoB’s dissertation hand-ins

Here it is, this year’s dissertation pic round up

You’ve slaved away for months, spent countless hours in the library and not to mention the amount of money you’ve spent on coffee these past few weeks. This is the culmination of your entire degree. What was it all for? That’s right, your one and only dissertation Instagram. You’ve dreamed about posting your pic ever since you first set eyes on Old Joe as a young fresher. And here it is, all the different types of dissertation instas we’ve seen this year:

Firstly, there’s the overjoyed pictures of those who cannot believe it’s over

If only this happiness wasn’t to be destroyed by exam stress- @molly.peach

Next, there are the course mate loving pictures, the only people who knew your struggles

Who’s the FIRST to kiss the graduate?- @evieeejo92

There’s the wannabe popstar pics, the music industry doesn’t know what its missing 

’bout to drop that fire diss- @toughy6

The “I did diss for you Old Joe”

Perf sky for the perf shot- @jamesw_miller

Perhaps the pic of ultimate happiness (ensured over 100 likes)

Floating on air… quite literally- @catherine_hodges

Or maybe the pictures with your besties

Piggybacks in exchange for finished dissertations- @annieleathem

Maybe you used the jumping for joy snaps

The classic High School Musical jump in front of Old Joe – @catespree1

But in the end, there’s only one picture which summarises the entire experience

Dissertation? Completed it mate. @biog_raph_y


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