8 songs for mums on Mother’s Day

One is even Stormzy

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Today is Mothers Day. Here are 10 songs from artists singing about their mums. Although mothers are always right, they only get one day of appreciation. So here is a list for all those great mums, step-mums and guardians, keep up the good work.

  1.  Stormzy – 100 Bags 

    From Stormzy’s debut studio album ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ 100 bags is a song for his mum (or Mumzy as she is known), Stormzy in the song states he owes everything to her, and is proud that through his fame he can now buy her 100 bags (if you didn’t get that straight off).

  2. Kanye West – Hey Mamma

    This Kanye song was a dedication to his mother Donda West. In the song Kanye shows his appreciation and admiration for his mother who supported him (especially when he dropped out of college to focus on his music).

  3. Biffy Clyro – Folding Stars

    This beautiful song by Biffy’s lead singer Simon Neil is a dedication to his late mother (Eleanor). Simon often performs the song acoustically live.

  4. Taylor Swift -The Best Day

    This is a Swift song dedicated to her mother, Andrea Swift. The music video is full of home videos that will make you want to dust off your video tapes.

  5. Madness – Our House

    Although, a song about an entire family, and the chaos of a family house, this timeless classic centres on the mum and her endless daily tasks.

  6. Beyonce – Ring Off

    Beyonce wrote this about how her mother got over her father’s adultery – the father who managed Queen B until 2011. One lyric goes “Mama, after all them years/ We can start all over again… Mama, we can love again/ This is where freedom begins.” Who runs the world? not Daddy B by the sound of things.

  7. Lenny Kravitz

    Lenny has an absolute banger dedicated to his mama. The song is a long list of advice his mother give him, hence the continuing lyric of “My Mama Said”. Coincidentally ‘Mama Said’ was the name of the album of which the song featured. Oh and Slash adds a riff to make the song even greater.

  8. The Lonely Island ft Justin Timberlake – Motherlover

    Maybe not.