Birmingham nightclub Mechu bids farewell after 14 years

Paradise roadworks are said to be the reason for Mechu’s departure

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Mechu bar and grill had to bid goodbye after 14 years due to roadwork disruptions. The club first opened its doors way back in 2003 and had always been a popular place for nightclub-goers. The nightclub had a farewell party on the 11th March.

Carrie Harvey, events manager for Elite Party Venues, said: “Alan and Benjamin (owners) wanted to see how things went, but have decided it’s time for new changes.”

However there are plans to open as a 3 in 1 club in May or early summer. Carrie added another comment about Paradise roadworks: “Once they are gone, it will certainly improve business. If it’s not extremely beneficial, they will have been a complete waste of time”.

A new name has been decided for Mechu’s replacement, but Carrie said it will not be released at this stage.