The Tab Blind Date: Sonny and Sophie

They bonded over a shared passion for Dixys over Roosters

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The month of Saint Valentine may be over, but Cupid still has a job to do. The lonely hearts of UoB must still be united. Following on from Ryan and Izzy’s date, this blind date was between third year Geology student Sophie and second year Politics student Sonny.

Both of their applications stood out as quirky and humorous so I was particularly hopeful for a good match between them. Read how they got on here:

So happy to be featured in the Tab Blind Date

Sonny on Sophie

What made you apply for the Tab Blind Date?
I applied after a conversation at the pub with some of my mates – essentially a couple of us were there decrying the pitfalls of being single. One of my mates suggested the blind date, and in the spirit of ‘what could go wrong?’ we took turns signing each other up.

What were you expecting? 
I really didn’t know what to expect – I thought it would be best to play it safe, and set the only criteria for it being a success was simply to have an enjoyable evening. I wasn’t really expecting any special ‘spark’ straightaway.

Were you nervous?
VERY. I am a pretty relaxed person who’s able to roll with the punches so don’t normally get twisted up over anything much, but I was more nervous than I have been in a long time. I felt quite self-conscious and was second-guessing most of the things I was doing or saying for the first 30 minutes!

What were your first impressions of Sophie?
My very first impression was actually that she had a really nice scarf on – as lame as that sounds. To spot each other out, when we were supposed to be meeting we asked what each other was wearing, and her description of herself was a bright scarf, which was very accurate.

What did you speak about? Did you have much in common?
We had quite a long, wandering conversation. The main things that came up was her deep-seated passion for FAB + Macklemore. She’s a committed guild warrior there every Saturday. We also chatted about the fact that geology Is stereotyped as really boring, rugby and the six nations, and our differing experiences of sixth form/college (and our shared pet peeve – of parents referring to university as ‘college’)

Best thing about Sophie?
She was very relaxed and talkative – which really helped to set my nerves at ease. I am talkative enough as it is, and it gets worse when I’m nervous. So, having someone there who was equally chatty allowed me to sit back and listen rather than be trapped in awkward silences. Being able to lean back and listen made it much smoother and relaxed.

And worst thing?
Don’t know what to say – I feel like I’d be unfairly criticising! First once I guess would be the tinge of Brummie accent, but to be honest I really don’t mind and it’s really not bad at all. Erm, I guess her taste in music and nights out – we just had quite a different idea of a good time, which meant we just teased each other a little. But really it is not that big a deal.

Any awkward moments?
When we first arrived – I’m always late to everything but was (for once) early, so I stood about twiddling my thumbs for a bit. Also when we arrived at the venue (Cherry Reds) neither of us really were keen on it all, so we awkwardly left after having only been there for a couple of minutes.

Was she your type?
Although I find it hard to pinpoint what exactly my ‘type’ is, it’s more one of those things you just get a gut feeling about, and unfortunately no I didn’t really feel we were very compatible.

Who paid?
We went dutch – but neither of us had much cash and I didn’t have mobile banking – so I paid on my card, and she transferred me over her half. To be honest, who paid wasn’t even an issue, we both naturally assumed to split it.

Did you go anywhere after Cherry Reds?
Yeah – we left Cherry Reds after only a few minutes! It’s just over the road from Turtle Bay and that just seemed like a more enjoyable place. (We couldn’t decide whether Cherry Reds was a café or a restaurant or a bar, and we just wanted someplace to grab some cocktails.) We were also lucky in that Turtle Bay was doing 2-4-1 Cocktails when we went over, so we both reckoned we made the better choice.

Would you see each other again?
Although I didn’t feel that ‘spark’ and don’t see us as compatible, I have nothing against the girl! Sophie was super lovely and friendly and great company. If I were to see her round I would definitely say hi!

Rate the date out of 10?
A good 6/10 – Although the romance wasn’t there, it was far from bad! Food and cocktails were top-notch and the company equally so.

Sophie on Sonny

What made you apply for the Tab Blind Date?

In truth, my house mates Samantha and Molly signed me up for it for a laugh. Their descriptions did make me chuckle though.

Sophie’s friend described her as a: ‘Quirky star wars loving fab going fit third year who’s up for anything. Well known for chundering in various secretive places in the Guild but that just adds to her mysterious personality’

What were you expecting? Were you nervous?

I’ve never been on a blind date before, so I had no idea what to expect. I was a bit nervous earlier in the day, but when I actually got there I felt fine.

What were your first impressions of him/her?

They were good. He was friendly and smiley.

What did you speak about? Did you have much in common?

We talked a lot about a variety of stuff, which was mainly ‘getting to know eachother’ stuff like where we were from, uni, travelling etc.

Best thing about Sonny?

He was really down to earth and chatty. Also, he did prefer Dixy’s chicken rather than Rooster’s, so the man has a good taste in chicken.

Any awkward moments?

Not on the date no, but I did nearly end up going to a different venue with the same name!

Is he your ‘type’?

I do like a bit of beard.

Would you see each other again?

Yes, I’d be down.

Rate the date out of 10?


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