UoB makes my long-distance relationship easy

We have our own train station ffs

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Before I came to uni, I read a lot of articles that actually encouraged you to break up with a long distance partner because of some menial reason to do with living life to the full. One article literally said, “Don’t do it. Don’t even think about doing it” – reassuring I know.

Tell me, why does having a boyfriend or girlfriend at another University hinder my ability to have fun and join societies and partake in every Stuesdays? Not only does having a long distance partner give you that blanket and comfort that you are probably going to need in first year things get a bit too much, but it’s also the perfect balance.

I will hold my hands up and say that long distance will always be better than getting off with any boy with a pulse in the scummiest clubs going (yes I’m looking at you Popworld), and here’s why:

You don’t have to wake up next to a stranger after a night out 

I am that lucky person who doesn’t have to wake up, paralytic, and frantically look around and pray you’re in Chamberlain and not Maple Bank. Having a boyfriend or partner at another University takes away this horrifying game of Guess Who the morning after. I also never fall victim to the walk of shame up the Vale hill, holding your heels in one hand and your bag of food from Costcutter in the other. Fortunately, I have the comforting knowledge of knowing I’ll be waking up next to my partner or myself, both of which sound very appealing.

Run, just run.

Getting to see them isn’t as hard as you think 

We are the only University to have a station. I repeat, the ONLY University, just in case you hadn’t heard it enough on the Birmingham meme page. I get to abuse this luxury to the full and it makes long distance so easy and achievable. You’re having a bad day? Great, wander to campus and jump on a train to see your partner. Most articles prior to Uni will assume that you won’t see your partner at all, but with our own station, long distance is easier than ever. Extra bonus, the train makes date nights in the city centre an achievable dream.

Making it rain

You can always get a seat in the library if you’re on your own 

It’s a cold day, deadlines are drawing nearer, you’re already on floor 2 and there are no seats for you and your uni boyfriend/girlfriend to sit at. This is a disaster, especially considering you need to be close enough so that you can smugly hold hands. I am looking for a seat for one, and trust me, I come out of this war winning. Whilst tackling the library seating is a real advantage to long distance, the main advantage is how quickly we get work done. Going to the library alone is the best way to work solidly. With your partner somewhere else and skype scheduled in for later that night, it’s very easy to get on top of and even ahead in work. Which just means more free time to go out and enjoy Birmingham, as well as freeing up weekends to see your partner.

The real life Hunger Games in here

Roosters = mine 

While you sit in the corner withholding the urge to go full carnivore because you’re trying to impress some guy you found on the walk back from Fab, I will be demolishing my drunk food. Long distance means I get no judgement and no sharing when it comes to Roosters. Whilst it’s nice to share food every once in a while, we all know Roosters is a one man mission.

Bros before hoes 

With your partner at a different University, you kind of worry that nights out are going to be all your friends pulling while you just get slowly drunk and wish you were in bed watching Friends. This is so not the case. Nights out become about you and your friends. You create great playlists with plenty of classics on. You constantly tell your Uber driver about how you’re having a girls night and about how feminist you are, which I’m sure they really appreciate. You get to Popworld and you have a cracking night, dancing on the tiny might-be/might-not-be stage and thoroughly enjoying pretending to be the reincarnation of Destiny’s Child. This also means that you can have a more couple based night out when your partner is over and you get to experience all of Birmingham’s night life.

Bros before hoes

Long distance may seem hard, but studying at Birmingham makes it a hell of a lot easier. I will concede that there will be hard times, but being together will make it all worth it. There will be times when you miss your partner uncontrollably but that’s when you remember that you have all the tools to get to them at your disposal. So I write a quiet thank you to Birmingham, for making it easy to be in love.