Brums’ best dressed on Halloween

We really upped our game this year

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It’s been one scary year, so of course Halloween 2016 was bigger, creepier and full of weird and wonderful costumes. From Donald Trump to the Mario Brothers, Birmingham really upped its game this year. Here are some of the best:

‘What you being for Halloween mate? I’m going as a blue M&M.’

Brum Best Dressed

Photo taken by: @jbrhenderson.

 These cool girls went out partying as pop art

Photo taken by: @iingvildwa.

Of course, Joyce and Eleven from Stranger Things showed up

One guy even dressed up as a positive pregnancy test

Photo taken by: @dave_beany.

These two bananas joined in the fun

They forgot their pyjamas though.

This really creepy clown showed up

These Pokemon fans got into the swing of things

Photo taken by: @charliemck_xo.

Things got a bit political

These guys wouldn’t stop horsing around

These guys got a cheeky lift selfie

Photo taken by: @ma11_w.

One girl even dressed up as a Snapchat filter

 “Why are you dressed so scary?” “It’s Halloween!”