BNOC of the Year: Group Three

Who will it be this time?

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The competition has been fierce, and you have already selected two finalists for the BNOC of the Year 2016.

Christina Feng and Suzi McFall were your first two picks – but who will be the third? It’s time to introduce the next round of contenders:

Faye White 


Fourth Year English and Creative Writing student Faye started a petition to include rape and sexual assault as Extenuating Circumstances at UOB. It made national press, and sparked a nationwide campaign across UK universities.

On top of this, as the Tab Birmingham’s news editor, Faye has become widely known for keeping Brum students caught up with practically everything happening in Selly.

Her documentation of the Fab shaggers made them big names on campus, but will you make her one? Vote below.

Marvin Obi 


This Second Year Medical Biochemist is widely known as a Vodbull ticket seller, and for his “friendly attitude”.

On top of this, Marvin is also part of the Birmingham Lions American Football teams, and has won national championships with them.

He also ran for 2016 Sab Sports Officer, having now built himself a reputation across campus, in terms of both sports and social circles.

Vote for Marvin below.

Jack Mably


Jack, a Third Year International Relations student, is a pretty prevalent figure in the Guild of Students. In his Second Year he was Vice President for Housing and Community, and looked after us all on the Vale and in Selly.

This year he hit the big time and was elected as our Guild President, representing our views, and even bringing us baby goats during our stressful exam time.

He’s also recently got involved in the controversial debate about the NUS, and penned an article for us about his views.

He’s political, and he’s popular – you voted for him once, but will you vote for him again?

Olivia Scott 


Olivia, now a Fourth Year TV and Film student, first made an impression on people in her role as a Mason RA.

Since then, she’s become more widely known as a brand ambassador for Spotify, and for her work on the committee for Carnival Rag.

More recently, she caused a stir on campus after losing her beloved hat at Sports Night, prompting a search campaign.

If you want to turn Olivia’s hat into a BNOC crown, vote for her below.

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