BNOC of the Year: Group One Winner

You guessed it – it’s the Feng

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In an absolute landslide of a victory, Christina Feng has won BNOC of the Year: Group One.

She took 44 per cent of the vote, and was 404 votes clear of the runner up, Chaz Hudson.

The rest of the margins were pretty tight, with Joe Ramsay coming in in third place, and Oli Pointer finishing last.

Feng featured image

Could this be our campus queen?

Christina’s nomination said: “From radio interviews to naked calenders to parody videos, this girl does it all. Chances are you and all your housemates have her on Facebook. A second year Law student, Tina gets the work/life balance right and can be found throwing shapes on the dancefloor at Snobs clad it her Vodbull gear.”

After winning the competition last year, it looks as though she’s going to be a fierce contender for 2016.

You can now vote for BNOC of the Year: Group Two.