PRZYM to now open in June

£1.4 million down the line

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Birmingham’s new superclub PRZYM is finally opening on Broad Street on the 17th June.

Formerly known as Gatecrasher, this venue has long been notorious for those violent attacks, and in need of a well-needed resurrection.

From the looks of the Leeds PRYZM twitter page… we’re gonna love it

The award-winning Deltic Group swooped in to transform the club into one of their famous spots for high-quality nights out. So here’s to hoping that we all fall in love with it when stumbling in for a celebratory (or commiseration) boogie on the town after exams.

The club has had a major, million dollar make-over of £1.4 million. It is the next to open in a line of huge clubs with the same name in different major cities of the UK including Bristol, Cardiff, and Leeds. Because the club brand is already established and we have a pretty good idea what to expect and it’s more than exciting.

Time to party

PRYZM already have plans underway of hosting events starring DJs and celebrities to attract us party animals.

The venue is one of the city’s largest and is set to have a variety of rooms including VIP booths and table services, to cater to all tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for viral tunes or a John Travolta Saturday-Night-Fever style on the “flashing dancefloor”, you’ve got it all.

PRYZM Bristol advertises Shisha packages with its VIP booths

If we hark back to the days of Gatecrasher, that too was once the place to be on a Friday night. Closing its doors for a final time in November however, the numerous violent incidents involved both security staff and customers, ending in the club’s licence being revoked.

Step aside, there’s a new club in town

Charlotte, an avid Brummy clubber, told the Tab: “Well I think it’ll be a step up from Gatecrasher, but they need to appeal more to the student audience or it’ll suffer the same fate”.

She did express concern over the problems Gatecrasher had suffered: “And they need to deal with the security issue in some other way because even metal detectors didn’t stop someone getting stabbed”.

PRYZM officially opens on 17th June but an exclusive night out will be available as part of Refreshers for us UoB students.  A June opening also means that the club will be a hotspot for drinking to your results, whatever they turn out to be.Let’s hope we end up with a new favourite night-out on our hands and can get our mojo on in style.

Lots of the PRYZM pics are black and white. Edgy.

Let’s hope we end up with a new favourite venue to live it up and get our mojo on in style.