Vodbull is by far the best night out

Cheap drinks and a giant orange mascot

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When people talk about the best night out for Birmingham students, they often look towards Fab (or if they’re really cool, individual and edgy they might tell you Rainbow) – just look at the Fab Facebook group on a Saturday, it’s absolutely full of people willing to pay through their teeth just to get into the guild. However, people only really like Fab because it’s close to home, not because it’s especially fun or cheap. The real winner of the nights out is often overlooked, considered to be just a standard Thursday night out and nothing special – it is, of course Vodbull.

Regularly held at Snobs, Vodbull is now in its 17th year of life, having supplied students with booze, music and fun for nearly two decades. You always know when a friend has been to a Vodbull night because a photo will turn up on Facebook of them looking sufficiently plastered next to a giant orange bull mascot.

Tickets are so easy to get. You can buy them online off the official website, but even if that’s too much effort there are loads of students close to home selling tickets on behalf of Vodbull. It’s zero effort and means you can decide on a whim half an hour before predrinks start that you want to go. Tickets are also only a fiver so it’ll never break the bank.

It is an event completely geared towards students – you can’t even get in without a student ID. This is great because it means everyone is roughly the same age and there’s a very good chance the people you meet will go to the same university as you. Also, because everybody there is a student, you will inevitably bump into at least one person you know that you didn’t come with.

As there are so many UoB students there, getting home is a complete breeze. Even if you lose your friends or they ditch you early, all you have to do is walk outside the club and shout if anyone is going back to Selly Oak or The Vale. There are always people going back to where you live, letting you cut costs and share cabs home. Failing that Snobs is right near New Street so finding your way home is simple in every way.

Yes these perks are very nice, but the main reason that students love Vodbull so much is for the simple fact that it’s cheap. While the ease of getting tickets, the fun mascots, photos and the student vibe is great and does add to it, students will always flock to where the alcohol is cheapest. For this reason alone, it is by far the best night out a student can have in Birmingham.