What Birmingham night out is your halls?

Mechu is so Mason

Brum’s halls are full of the good, bad and ugly – much like its nightlife. So which club matches your fresher accommodation?

Mason – Mechu

Mechu girls

Who else is going to pay for this £6 drink if not mummy and daddy? This one is pretty self-explanatory: overpriced and way up itself. You’re best to avoid anyone who frequents either – unless you want to be made to feel even more skint then you already are.

Shackleton – Rainbow


Who else is going to pay for this MDMA if not mummy and daddy? Shackleton is a bit like Mason’s weird slightly cooler sibling: just as pricey but without the same bad rep. Find yourself in either one of these and you’re going to be paying either an extortionate £20 or £7,000 just to get in.

Victoria Halls – Nightingales/The Hub

Why are there two of them? They’re the same place? I’m confused.

Jarratt Halls – Vodbull


With its bright orange colour coordination, Jarratt Halls matches perfectly not only with Vodbull’s very own Bertrum Bull, but the orange VS you inevitably end up drinking when you’re there. Also, you’re most definitely going to go home with someone from Vodbull or Jarratt at least once in the next three years and totally not remember how it happened. To be honest, you’re probably most likely to go back to Jarratt with someone you met at Vodbull.

Liberty Close – Popworld

Sure, you’ve heard of Popworld, just like you’ve heard of Liberty Close. You’re also pretty sure there’s a few of both all around the country, but you don’t think you’ve ever stepped foot in one. Come to think of it, you’re not entirely sure where you’d find either one, and you definitely don’t know anyone who goes to either.

Rumour has it that Popworld is full of locals, kinda like how each Liberty halls supposedly has some BCU students living in them. Like we said, you don’t think you’ve ever stepped in one. You’re not sure you want to.

Aitken – Walkabout

You’ve never been here, either.

Liberty Court – Fab


The walk to both seems never ending.

Maple Bank – Tunnel Club

Do you regret those 10 free drinks yet?

Do you regret those 10 free drinks yet?

You get what you pay for with Tunnel Club and Maple Bank – sticky floors, questionable alcohol (and lots of it), and a cheap night out/first year of uni. Just like 90s Night, Maple is a cheesy stereotype of what living is halls is like, but it’s still pretty fun.

Chamberlain – 6 on Broad Street

Both Chamberlain and 6 on Broad Street are the new kids on the block and other than that nobody else seems to know much about either. Probably not worth shouting about.

Tennis Courts – Sports Night


Tennis Courts is like Sports Night for more than just its name. They’re probably the loudest and proudest halls, and just like how you can tell it’s Sports Night, you can tell TC are nearby because of the inevitably annoying chants. And just like you can tell it was Sports Night last night from the trails of face paint, spilt jagerbombs, and hungover rugby boys, there’s no mistaking when you’ve been visited by the rowdy bunch at Tennis Courts.