Ciara Tomlinson

Ciara Tomlinson
Birmingham University


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Clubbers of the term: St Paddy’s day special

The best of the best

A third year broke her leg running a marathon, and kept on running

The paramedic called her a ‘stupid idiot’

If you’re not an arts student, get out the Mason Lounge

Jog on

What Birmingham night out is your halls?

Mechu is so Mason

How to nail your sassy house party clean up in Selly

Firstly, get Beyonce on

UoB’s Drama group heavily criticised for promoting play with ‘sexist’ poster

A member of the Women’s Association said ‘the girls in underwear have no real relevance to the plot’

Brum’s shisha bars have ‘higher levels of pollution than Beijing’

Study shows how harmful hookah really is

Birmingham is the ninth most popular uni in the UK for freshers

We even beat Oxford

I really miss Gatecrasher

The club we loved to hate

Joe’s awarded best student bar in Birmingham

They’ve won for the last eight years in a row

Third year starts blog to combat campus sexism

Nearly half of Birmingham girls have been sexually assaulted

Are we too mean to BCU?

You know what they say about BCU – they’re the grades you need to get in

Gatecrasher stays closed after losing bid to reopen following stabbing

The club’s fate will be decided on November 25th

I’m scared to live in Selly

Crime is getting out of control

Boring MP says To Let signs are ‘ruining’ Selly Oak

Get over it

Just because I dress as a sexy cat for Halloween doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist

Purr-lease leave the sexy cat alone

Bambu’s racist door policy is a sad echo of Birmingham’s clubbing scene

It’s not OK to joke about the RnB room

Adam’s Place has been replaced by Domino’s

No place for Adam’s Place on Bristol Road

Birmingham is the best uni in the country for grad employment

It seems we’re all going to get jobs after all

Third year drives to Mongolia in extreme charity rally

Corrupt cops, litres of vodka, goats strapped to motorcycles

Is this the end of Broad Street?

The superclub is dead

Birmingham is at risk… from TORNADOES

Hold onto your hats

Leggy Birmingham fresher vying for Miss England crown

All 5ft 10″ of her

How to make your relationship survive the summer

But it probably won’t

You’re not fooling anyone with your Lent attempts

Everybody knows Lent is really just a glorified 40 day diet

Do you know where Birmingham is on a map?


You’re not fashionable, you’re unoriginal

Who else got Topshop vouchers for christmas?

Tab Tries: The Dreamboys strip show

Ever wanted to know what actually happens at male strip shows?

Fake feminism is awesome and you should all agree

It’s wrong to say ‘fake’ feminism doesn’t contribute

Birmingham launches LGBTQ inclusitivity initiative

The Uni has plans to build on its status as one of the most LGBT-friendly universities in the UK

It’s Not the Distance, it’s You.

Another year, another batch of high school sweethearts about to split up.

There’s nothing funny about street harassment

Street harassment is not a casual joke, it’s a serious issue that needs to be dealt with

The Out of Towners: Why living off campus ain’t so bad after all

Just because you miss us out, doesn’t mean we’re missing out.