Quit badgering us! Student hurls dead badger at Vale residents

Tennis Court residents were horrified on Saturday night, when a dead badger was hurled at their kitchen window


Students living in Block 24 Tennis Courts had quite a fright on Saturday evening, when a dead badger was hurled at their window by another student.

The incident occurred at 10pm, after the students in question had been having a BBQ out on the patio during the day.

The person who threw the dead animal is believed to be a student from Block 10, only a few hundred metres away.

Before it was thrown several drunk students attempted to BBQ the badger, and even contemplated skinning it.

This is the latest of several incidents to have occurred at Block 24, where egg-throwing and other acts of vandalism have occurred throughout the academic year.

The badger-thrower is reported to have had cuts all over their arms, when they arrived with the dead animal.

The Badger was left slumped on the floor near the window

According to the students from Block 24, a student from Block 10 ran over to their kitchen window at 10pm holding the badger.

They were then reported to have mentioned finding the badger on the road, before running over to the flat and hurling it at the kitchen window.

The BBQ area, where the students spent the day before the incident

The BBQ area, where the students spent the day before the incident

Speaking to The Tab about the incident, a student from the flat where the badger was thrown said: “My flat and a few others were in our kitchen when we heard a loud bang on the window, which shocked us all.

“My housemate Olli said it was a dead badger, but we thought he was joking around, so we clambered around the window to look.

“Olli said that the person who threw it had said they’d found the badger on the road.”

The kitchen window which the badger was thrown at

After the badger-hurling student ran off following the incident, the flat residents called the Vale services to report him and have the badger removed.

However in response, the Vale team informed them that students from Block 10 who were not present at the incident, had already rang and blamed the incident on students from their own block.

The student who made the phone call from Block 24 said: “When we rang up, the Vale team told us that students from Block 10 had blamed us, even though we believe it was one of them who threw the badger!”

The incident may be more serious than originally thought however, as students who saw the alleged badger-thrower reported that his arms were covered in cuts as he ran to throw the badger at the window.

The Block 10 students also admitted that whilst being intoxicated they had attempted to barbecue the animal and even contemplated skinning it.

A first year student from Block 10 said: “Everyone was tipsy at the time, and after finding a dead badger we attempted to BBQ the animal.

“We began to feel bad however and after contemplating skinning it we decided to present the dead badger to Block 24 as an offer of friendship.

“Then Block 24 rudely rejected the badger and called security.”

The incident is also the latest of many alleged attacks upon block 24, after students made it known to The Tab that egging has been going on throughout the year.

According to a student from Block 24, both them and parts of Mason have been egged by the other block because they are supposedly “too posh”.

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