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Harry Yorke
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New Guild President: ‘Don’t hold my criminal record against me’

Jack Mably doesn’t believe his previous conviction for drink driving should count against him

The Guild needs to clean up its act

The Guild doth trivialise too much, methinks

UBRFC crowned Bournbook champs with emphatic win over Medics

The Reds were too hot for the Medics to handle

Rugby Varsity: Firsts versus Medics

Rest assured, someone’s going to need a doctor

We’re hiring: Join The Tab Birmingham

Do something worthwhile with your time at Birmingham

Student rushed to hospital after collapsing in pool of blood

Queen Elizabeth Hospital has confirmed student is suffering from a critical stomach infection

Crowbar wielding thugs raid Dawlish house while student sleeps

A second year was disturbed by burglars breaking down her bedroom door

Car crash near Gisbert Kapp: Ambulance called for student cyclist

‘The windows of the car looked pretty badly smashed’

I let a guy into my house because a psychopath was trying to kill him

He said someone was trying to shoot him

Shooting in Selly Oak: Armed police arrive after gunman fires shots on Warwards Lane

‘Someone’s trying to kill me, they’re shooting at me’

Fresher mowed down in ‘horrific’ car collision on the way to Sports Night

Students were left traumatised by the sight of a “motionless” body lying next to the vehicle

Grammar schoolboy jihadi exposed by The Tab handed back to ISIS in hostage swap

Shabazz Suleman, who had a place at a top UK university lined up, has been exchanged for Turkish captives

Birmingham student Jason Tatlock has been found

Jason has been found by police staying with friends at Bangor University

Birmingham student has been missing for over a week

Jason Tatlock hasn’t been seen since last Monday

Busted star spotted in Selly Oak

Two Selly students bumped into boy band legend James Bourne last night on their way to Fab

Violent thugs attack third-year student on his doorstep

A gang of three mugged a harmless music student on Teignmouth Road

Cloudy with a chance of freshers

As Freshers week 2014 descends, keep up to date with the local weather

UoB continues to climb in the University league tables

UoB has been named the 15th best university in the UK, according to The Times and Sunday Times league table

The Hermit was a hoax? Time to meet the Author then

Undoubtedly this is the hoax of the year, but as The Tab reveals the face behind it all, should we be singing his praises or sharpening the pitch forks?

BNOC 2014: The Results

It’s time to crown Birmingham’s biggest name

Meet the Birmingham Library Hermit: student has lived in the library for SIX WEEKS

He has literally been living there after his brother challenged him to pass his exams for £30,000


The finalists are waiting to put their stamp on history, but who will you post your vote for?

Stuff your face on campus with Just Eat

The fast-food company Just Eat will be on campus tomorrow with free food, merchandise and exclusive vouchers

BNOC 2014: The Final Heat

The final heat sees the last four contestants enter the fray, but which BNOC are you sending through to the final?

Quit badgering us! Student hurls dead badger at Vale residents

Tennis Court residents were horrified on Saturday night, when a dead badger was hurled at their kitchen window

And we can’t stop… being sluts: Miley dubs Brum sluttiest city

Pop sensation and feminist icon heralds Birmingham’s sluttiness during weekend show

Top universities including Oxford and Manchester secretly serve unstunned Halal meat to students

Oxford, Liverpool and Manchester among unis failing to warn students their meat may be sourced using the controversial practice.

BNOC 2014: Heat 3

The penultimate week sees four more BNOCs enter the fray, but which one is ticking all your boxes?

Selly man charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 20-year-old girl in Harborne car park

Local Jason Johnson is alleged to have kidnapped and sexually assaulted a girl after meeting her on an online dating website

BNOC 2014: Heat 2

Another round of big-guns, but which one is pulling your trigger?

BNOC 2014: Heat 1

After months of waiting, the nominations are finally in. It’s time to vote for your favourite BNOC of 2014

Talented transgender teen commits suicide after years of torment despite encouragement from her hero Lady Gaga

Jordan Howe was inspired by a meeting with Lady Gaga but took her own life after years of bullying

Petrified female student escapes vicious attacker on Tiverton Road

A female student fended off a violent thug on her doorstep in the early hours of Wednesday morning, in yet another shocking attack in Selly

Students demand more action as police struggle to control Selly crime wave

Police accused of incompetence, following two armed robberies in as many weeks, while students voice fear and disillusionment over the situation. (splash photo posed by model)

Another shocking armed robbery and a violent mugging on campus: Selly crime wave spiralling out of control

The students were subjected to death threats with a foot-long machete

Shocking armed robbery at Tiverton house leaves group of students traumatised

The students were left fearing for their lives

Halal scandal forces UoB to u-turn on labelling policy

The University has responded to widespread anger over the scandal; with Halal now being labelled in all applicable Campus restaurants and eateries.

What the Halal is going on? University is secretly serving you controversial Islamic meat

Uni staff admit it regularly serves us Halal meat, which is often slaughtered using “cruel” practices. Warning: this article contains shocking images.

Strike Action Today: students lose out again

Today’s strike action is the biggest to date, as the unresolved dispute over university staff wages intensifies.