It’s official: Mechu voted Birmingham’s worst club

The public have spoken

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Last week The Tab asked you to choose which night out in Birmingham is the worst. You have now spoken, the results are in, and we have a clear winner (well, if you can call it that).

Ladies and gentleman, the worst club in Brum is: MECHU.

Sorry girls

According to you lot, Mechu is officially the worst club in Birmingham – but only by a fraction of a per cent. Consistently at the top, it claimed 18.85 per cent of your votes – crowning it the unlucky winner. Popworld had a close shave, coming in second and gaining 18.23 per cent votes. Mechu and Popworld were interchanging at the top from the very start of the poll.

Ouse proved to have the least haters out of the bunch and scored the least votes, with just 5.46 per cent. Meanwhile our beloved FAB didn’t fare too badly either, claiming second to last with 8.49 per cent of the thousands of votes.

The only way to survive a night here

So, there we have it. The winner has been crowned and we can finally put to rest, once and for all, which truly is the worst club in Brum… Sorry Mechu.