VOTE: Selly’s cutest hamster

They’re all so adorable

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Selly Oak has seen it’s fair share of exotic pets over the years, but it’s the more simpler creatures that seem to hold a special place in our hearts.

Forget your footlong pythons, pygmy hippos and irascible owls, it’s the loveable hamster that apears to have won the hearts of many Selly dwellers and we’ve cobbled together some of the cutest for you to pore over.


Gangsta Hamsta

Gangsta Hamsta

Croydon Road’s Alex Sharp, a second year Geography student, kicks things off with her delightful hamster Dolphin: “My friend got him for me as a birthday present during freshers because he wanted a house pet.

He’s good company after a night out. We once lost him for 10 minutes but he was under our sofa.”

Dolphin is a regular at Sports Night

Dolphin is a regular at Sports Night


Hatching an escape plan

Hatching an escape plan

Next we have the stunning Syrian hamster, Mikey. He’s owned by second year Suzie Stone of Hubert Road who studies Anthropology and African Studies.

Suzie says of Mikey: “I got him at pets at home when we went to get some food after Cirque because I was feeling shitty…

“We went to look at the animals and he was just the fluffiest thing ever and I couldn’t handle it so I got him! He was only eight weeks old at the time, now he’s huge so I’ve had to invest in a new cage but I don’t mind. I just love him to bits and he’s yet to bite me.”

Draw me like one of your French hamsters...

Draw me like one of your French hamsters


Enjoying a Roosters

Enjoying a Roosters

Tom Gifford’s hamster Lunch weighs in next. Currently residing on Hubert Road, Tom said: “My housemates brought him as a present over exams last Summer and I love having a hamster because while he’s absolutely no maintenance whatsoever he’s still great fun. Lunch is the best because instead of running inside the wheel, he runs on top of it.

“His hobbies include hanging from the roof and also licking his balls.”

Abrahamster Lincoln

Abrahamster Lincoln

Lady Margery

Please fur, can I have some more?

Dawlish’s Jemma Allen is next, offering up the royal sounding Lady Margery for your judgemental eyes. The second year Philosophy and Sociology student told The Tab: “I got her because my sister has a hamster at Uni and my brother has a bearded dragon at home so I decided to get a pet. She’s easy to maintain, and enjoys crisps but thankfully hasn’t had any alcohol yet.

“She once rolled into a pile of spilt hair gel and knocks into people’s doors, which is quite distracting depending on what my housemates are up to!”



Hamming it up.

Hamming it up

English Literature and Language student Shannon Farmer of Hubert Road presented us with her hamster Britney: “She was adopted by me off of a friend. Her hamster sister ‘Whitney’ used to bully her… She’s the friendliest little pudding ever and let’s you cuddle her for hours.

“Her favourite food is grapes and she used to be really shy when she was a baby but now is a strong independent woman.”

This one's on meal plan

This one’s on meal plan

Now it’s time for you to have your say. Who wins the crown of Selly’s cutest hamster?