Brum Uni WiFi goes down due to cyber attack

Someone really didn’t want to hand in their essay

Birmingham Uni’s WiFi went down this morning due to a suspected nationwide cyber attack .

The issue has been linked to a suspected hacking of Janet, the publicly funded computer system, which allows Canvas to run smoothly.

The University internet has gone down the day before deadline hand-ins, causing mixed feelings among students.

The issue has reported to be causing inconvenience at universities across the country including Leeds and Manchester, leaving students nationwide unable to access TurnItIn to hand in their essays and online exams.


Bloody Janet

The lack of WiFi connection has also been causing disruptions in end of semester lectures. Third year English student Danny Baggott said: “In my seminar my tutor couldn’t access the internet. She said that she had spent hours planning the clips to show us.

“The lecture ended fifteen minutes early because she couldn’t get online.”

The uni service desk reassured students on Twitter that the nationwide issue was being looked into, however they have not been given an ETA for when the internet will be running smoothly again.


That crying emoji says it all

Jisc, the company responsible for running the Janet network provided an update one hour ago on Twitter which read: “There has been some improvement but services are still at risk.”

But it’s not only academic issues which have been affected.

One student said: “How am I supposed to feed my Neopet now? He’ll die if I don’t get online soon. This is abuse.”

At present, it is unclear whether or not extensions will be granted across departments to those affected by the uni internet glitch. Students should contact their department for advice and more information.

Luckily, Adele tickets have already sold out, so no fans will have to miss out because of Janet.