Join The Tab Birmingham and make the most of your time at uni

You’d be a fool not to

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The Tab Birmingham are looking to expand our amazing team of writers, which means you could be our next top reporter.

We have thousands of readers every day and many of our stories have been picked up by national papers, including The Daily Mail and The Sun.

Whether you want a bit of fun and light relief from uni work or you seriously want to pursue a career in journalism, The Tab offers the best possible experience.

Here’s what a few of our current writers have said about The Tab Birmingham:

Lexi Harvey

“I originally joined The Tab thinking it would look good on my CV – which it will – but I’ve gotten so much more out of it than that. The whole team is so friendly and fun to work with, and writing frequent articles has improved my skills and taught me to write in different styles and for different audiences. It’s so rewarding having your work published and hearing the effect it has on people.”


Juliet Watkin-Rees

“I joined The Tab to get more involved. The Tab seemed accessible, fun but also with the ability to raise awareness for important student matters. Posting an article about my lucky escape from a sexual assault made me feel extremely vulnerable at first – it wasn’t long before I realised the ability media has to change peoples’ attitudes. Many people who briefly knew me would come up to me and say they no longer walk alone through Selly Oak as a result. To know I have made an impact and potentially stopped further assaults from happening to other students has been a powerful highlight from my second year.

“It has also enabled a positive to come from a negative situation. As an addict of the Daily Mail, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across my story from the UoB Netball naked calendar article published. The Tab is the perfect platform to achieve a wide audience quickly – the best experience someone could ask for when considering a career in journalism. Socially it’s been a laugh – the other writers are great fun and I’ve also had the honour of having a night out with the lovely BNOC of 2015 Christina Feng. What more could you want?”

Johnny Tydeman

“Joining The Tab was a great decision. The editor Danny has been a constant presence throughout the year, making our journalistic experience as fun and challenging as possible. The Brum team are all brilliant: the socials are great and writing about what students really care about is rewarding and incredibly fulfilling. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about joining the crew.”

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Faye White

“I started at The Tab this past September because I knew I loved to write and my CV was looking a bit thin.  I went to the first weekly meeting at The Bristol Pear alone, but all of the other writers and the editor were so friendly and supportive, and I’ve met so many new friends during my time at The Tab. After a few weeks I discovered my love of news stories, and with the support of the editor and head office I learnt what makes a good story and had a taste of working in a fast-paced journalist environment.  One of my recent articles was picked up by The Independent and The Huffington Post, which will look impressive on my grad scheme applications. The Tab is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done at uni and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to be a journalist or likes to write regularly.”

Ciara Tomlinson

“It’s been a great way to meet new people and I genuinely look forward to meetings. I definitely think I couldn’t have got my current job without it and I’ve just got better and better at writing because of it. At first I thought that journalism might be a potential career path but now I’ve changed my mind I’ve found that the things I’ve learnt at The Tab are still invaluable.”

Make the right decision by signing up here, and attending our open event this Wednesday evening at The Bristol Pear from 5-6pm.

If you’ve got any questions, email Danny on [email protected]