BNOC 2015: Heat One

Ding ding

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With entires flooding in for who should be Birmingham’s BNOC 2015, meet your heat one nominations. You probably already know these guys, but who will win?

Christina Feng, First Year, Law


Also known as The Fengster, Feng, Famous Feng and more commonly as Tina Feng, who hasn’t heard of Christina Feng?

Christina was heading for BNOC status before she was even AT uni as she added pretty much the entire Law School on Facebook. And who didn’t love her freshers rap video which pretty much went viral. She’s promised a sequel, so who knows what she has up her sleeves. Her popularity has rocketed ever since, so much so the Feng can’t go a night out without being stopped for a Feng selfie.

 Remy Claustres, Second Year, Ancient History

Remy <3

Remy is no stranger to the limelight after winning the sought after title of Sports Officer after the closest election in living memory. He is also owner of the largest banner in Selly Oak – the infamous “vote rocky Remy for sports officer”. Along with being Birmingham Lions American Football team social secretary, he hasn’t missed a single sports night in two years at uni. Legend.

Ever present at Stuesday, he is Vodbull’s top ticket seller in Birmingham. It’s impossible to walk anywhere with him on campus, as a five minute walk takes over 20 because he’s stopped by everyone and anybody for a chat. From the gym, to the library, to underground, to Urban, to Costa – he’s always flagged down by his admirers. Also a distant relative of Bob Marley (maybe).

Craig Bonnar, First Year, Geography

This guy

Fresher Craig Bonnar is well known for having the best step in Birmingham’s rugby club – he’s pushing for first team fly half when Rob Keith leaves next year. If you cant find him throwing gang signs at Stuesdays he’ll probably be in the gym squatting deep and curling big.

Most think he’s far too pretty to play rugby because he has a killer pout. Some also say his popularity is off the charts around campus. Let’s just say the girls at Brum are more than gutted he has a girlfriend(just ask him, he says it enough).

James Skinner, Fourth Year, Modern Languages

Profile pic worthy

King Skins is in his fourth and final year of a Modern Languages degree and can frequently be found in either Fab or Mechu. He is club captain of the tennis team and self-proclaimed “best looking guy in languages”, and a right catch. Becoming a BNOC is the only logical step to have him recognised for his true potential.

Who do you think has the potential to get to the final of 2015’s BNOC?