Student rushed to hospital after collapsing in pool of blood

Queen Elizabeth Hospital has confirmed student is suffering from a critical stomach infection

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A student was hospitalised after vomiting large quantities of blood in the North Car park.

The University has confirmed the student’s infection is not contagious.

A female student was found collapsed “hurling up blood” around 11am this morning near the East gate entrance to the main campus.

According to students who witnessed the ordeal, the girl looked to be “hemorrhaging” as her eyes “continually rolled back” to the top of her head.


A girl, who looked after the student at the scene, told The Tab: “I was walking behind her and she collapsed with huge amounts of blood coming from her mouth.

“I was next to her as she was lying down and was trying to get her into the recovery position, but she wanted to lie how was most comfortable.

“I then stepped back to give her space, while her friend supported her head.

“I was genuinely worried that she was going to die in front of me.”

The girl immediately returned to her flat once the ambulance arrived because she was worried it was contagious.

female student on campus

She added: “I went back to my flat when the ambulance came and stayed in my room as I was really worried it was contagious so wanted to stay as far away from anyone as possible.

“I rang the Uni and they said they had confirmation from the hospital that it was not Ebola or anything contagious, but a very serious stomach virus and that people who were around her are completely safe and at no risk of catching anything or giving anything to others.”

Speaking to The Tab, first year student Grace said: “I was walking through the North Car Park when I saw huge pools of blood and a crowd gathered around a student.

“She was slumped on the floor, with blood pouring from her mouth.

“I think it was like a hemorrhage maybe.

“There were crowds of people around her, who were then told to leave by the paramedics when they arrived.

“It was horrible, like something from a horror film.”



Another third year student was at the scene.

She said: “I was walking up the steps from the Muirhead tower to the little car park at about 10.55 and saw the puddles of blood starting in the car park.

“As I came round the corner to the big black gate the puddles continued and I saw the girl beside the curb being held by her friend behind her.

“There was blood coming from her mouth and on her jumper and her eyes were rolling back.

“Someone was calling an ambulance at that time and it arrived three minutes later.

“My lecturer said she didn’t have any shoes on.

“People were calling her name who recognised her so I assume she’s a student.

“The area is cordoned off with a big police van, police cars and a fire engine.”

A member of University staff at the scene said the student had been rushed to hospital.

She also ruled out the case of Ebola, saying: “We asked her whether or not she had visited known Ebola regions recently, but she said she hadn’t.

“So given the circumstances, we are ruling out the possibility of Ebola.”


A spokesperson for the Ambulance service said: “At 10:50am today we were called to North Car Park at the University of Birmingham.

“A female had collapsed and one ambulance was called. The female was treated at the scene and taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as a medical emergency.”

In a statement given to The Tab, a university spokesperson continued: “We are aware of a medical incident today involving a University of Birmingham student, who was taken ill.

“As a precautionary measure all three emergency services initially attended.

“However, the student in question is not being treated as infectious and the University wishes them a speedy recovery.”