5 ways Reading Week was wasted

Reading week has been and gone, but how did you waste yours?

Often confused with half-term, Reading Week is in fact NOT a holiday. Having left the Vale and my fresher lifestyle behind me, this year I put my best foot forward and decided I would use my reading week productively. I’m sure many of you started off with similar intentions, only to stumble embarrassingly after you made yourself these misguided promises.

In an effort to deflect some of the self-disappointment and shame, I took it upon myself to find out exactly how everyone else spent their reading week. Thankfully I found some comfort in the fact that I wasn’t the only one who’d strayed a little from my intended path, so here’s a run down of the best ways to waste your reading week.

1. Taking a trip

This gent flew out to Munich to visit his girlfriend (not the Hofbrauhaus) on her year abroad for the week. Not too shabby, ey?

Roosters isn’t good enough for this chap

2. Hitting the gym

The health conscious students out there returned from their reading week looking better than ever. Buns of Steel wait for no man.

3. Ignoring the outside world

Since reading week signals the absence of lectures for a full 7 days (YES), obligations are thrown out the window and many of us found ourselves staying up until 4:00 am catching up on The Walking Dead, Made in Chelsea and/or Game of Thrones, only to surface from our bedrooms a day later.

The most dedicated of students maintain their spot on the sofa for the entire week, moving only to flick crumbs off their glazed-over faces whilst gaining scornful stares from housemates who may not have been so fortunate as to receive a week of “catching up”.

4. Getting completely off your tits

Checking out PopWorld

The party animals of UoB took advantage of reading week to move into a nocturnal existence, hitting Broad Street every night and studying during the three hours they spent conscious the next day. And by studying we mean napping, eating and alcoplopping.

5. Going home

Me? Well… I spent my week doing what the average student would do; sending endless Snapchats of me and my dog, remembering what it is to eat properly and finally getting all my washing done (cheers, mum).

Oh and if you aren’t lucky enough to be granted a reading week, console yourself with the knowledge that the Christmas vacay is only 4 weeks away.