Mob causes Broad Street closure

Seven arrested after mob began throwing stones and bottles outside Gatecrasher nightclub.

If you were at Fab last night you would’ve seen the carnage on the underground dance floor as people furiously skanked. However, things over on Broad Street got a little more heated.

Just before 4am this morning, trouble started outside Gatecrasher by a group of about 20 lads who thought it would be fun to hurl stones and bottles.

Bad publicity for Gatecrasher

Officers on routine patrol were targeted by the mob, resulting in three of them being injured.

Seven men were arrested and it was necessary to bring in specialist Public Order officers.

Broad Street was closed while the mayhem was broken up.

Officers at the scene last night

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: “Three officers suffered minor injuries, but we don’t believe any members of the public were seriously hurt.”

The men arrested on suspicion of violent disorder on Broad Street are 19-25 years old from Sheldon, Hall Green, Billesley and Bordesley Green.

If this isn’t an advertisement not to go to Gatecrasher when the locals are about, we don’t know what is.