The Tab meets: The Drinks2Go Man

Renowned for its cheap alcohol and his infamous catchphrase “lolly for the lady”, The Tab’s Lottie Halstead and Olivia Klineberg caught up with the local legend

Drinks2Go selly students

Drinks2Go Man is a big Tab fan


Tab: So, Chris, do you actually live here in Selly Oak?

Drinks2go man: Yes and no! I mostly live in the shop because I spend 18 hours a day here!

What’s your relationship with the students?

I love the students! They are part of my family. When the students are not here, my store is not open as my business is completely built on the student relationship. They support me all the time with their purchases of drinks and tickets and I really appreciate it!

Have you had any dodgy encounters with the students?

NO! Never! Sometimes with locals though… But no, I love the students! They are welcome to my shop at any time!

So, are you a regularpub-goer in Selly Oak?

No. (pauses)

I do go to Fab though! With the students of course. I want to go at some point this year with the students… can you organise that??

I think that can be arranged!

I love Seedy Sonics too. Those boys are genuine and fantastic. They have made it from nothing and I have a lot of respect for them!

Have you ever drunkenly purchased a Rooster House after your regular Fab visits?

I actually opened Rooster house and created the £2.99 menu! I owned it for six years. I wanted fresh food that was cheap. I even named some of the meal deals after my favourite students, but sadly these names have been changed since Rooster House changed hands!

Lolly for the ladies!

Are you planning on any further domination of Selly?

YES! This has been a secret until now… In a month’s time I am opening ‘Pasta Pasta’! We will be serving fresh food for all the students, and everything will be below £3. It’s going to be a healthy option for students which is perfect, especially if you are watching your figure like I am! (points to belly and laughs.)

You don’t need to watch your figure! We’ve been wondering, what makes the £2.50 wine £2.50!?

We have to have a good price for the students. Someone came to me and said, ‘Aldi has cheap wines.’ The students ask for cheap wine, so that is what I deliver! We try to be reasonable with all our prices and give the students what they want!

How would you feel about becoming The Tab’s new Agony Aunt for students?

Yes! Absolutely, I love the students!

And one last thing- could you do your song just for us?

Of course! You have been very kind!

Check out Chris doing his infamous theme tune, with a bit of a Tab twist!