Striking students end occupation of Aberdeen University Offices

On their ninth day of being there

The student group Aberdeen Students Support the Strike have ended their occupation of the senior management hallway, eight days after it began last Tuesday.

The students within the group have been subject to physical harm by university security, denied fresh air breaks and showers, and essentially locked within the ‘corridor of power’.

During the past nine days, students have attempted to hold negotiation meetings with management, during which they refused to cooperate or even listen to their demands.

In a statement released on their Facebook page, the group said: “Those that ‘run’ our institution are a group of unelected, unaccountable, and grossly overpaid Senior Managers, who have demonstrated a consistent disregard and disrespect for students and staff.”

Senior Vice Principal Michael Greaves announced the end of the occupation in a somewhat blunt university wide email this afternoon:

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A statement from the striking group, said: “During negotiation meetings, management refused to engage meaningfully, choosing instead to belittle and patronise our representatives.”

“At each stage of this protest, Senior Management have reneged on their promises and executed an array of tactics to drive down our morale and push our mental health to the limit.”

The occupiers believe that the management showed a total lack of respect, decency and empathy towards the students.

Although the students have now left the building they are not giving up the fight, and encourage others to do the same.

The statement added: “Our management may not respect students and staff, but at least they now know that we will not just sit down and shut up. The occupation may be over, but the movement is not.”

The group are holding an open meeting on Monday to discuss the occupation and their future plans to fight against pension cuts.