Granite city fighting off competition to win prestigious architecture award

Aberdeen in line to win ‘most dismal town in Scotland’ award

Our honourable city has been scouted by some of the most venerated architects in the world as one of the UGLIEST places in the world.

And we’re having none of it.

The Carbuncle Award is given to towns and cities in need of regeneration.

The Granite city has been described as the place “where architecture goes to die”.

Aberdeen City Council disagree, and don’t think the nomination was fair.

Well, here’s some evidence to support the belief our beauts home should be classed as World City, and deserves to be in the ranks with the likes of Paris and Florence.

After Camden, Aberdeen market is second most iconic in the world.

 Need a new hair piece, or some exotic meats? Head down to Aberdeen Market.

Need a new hair piece, or some exotic meats? They’ve got it all

Who needs the beautiful arches of Venice? The Trinity Centre has it covered.

Swapping the canals for a dual carriage way.

Swapping the canals for a dual carriage way.

Aberdeen’s got its very own Selfridges of London as well.

The John Lewis 1970’s style Brutalist architecture is a key focal point of the city centre.

John Lewis: Bringing Brutalism back

John Lewis: Bringing brutalism back

As one local put it: “It can be a bit gloomy and grey.

“But after living here your whole life you tend to stop noticing it.”

Continually trying to keep up the trend with other British cities, Aberdeen features multiple stylish high rises.

60’s chic. High rise living.

60’s chic. High rise living.

Who needs the towering skyline of Manhattan. Aberdeen’s pewter skyline is a view not to be missed.

Empire state building? We’ve got a Morrison’s.

Empire state building? We’ve got a Morrison’s

Jealous of Oxford’s spires and gothic university buildings?

Look no further. Ask any student, and they’ll tell you about the architectural gem found on Aberdeen’s University campus.

The William Guild Building, where form follows function


Towering above the campus, a trip to the MacRobert building is the highlight of any students day.

MacRobert: The Jewel in the Crown on Campus.

MacRobert: The jewel in the crown on campus.

Located on the outskirts of the campus, you’re bound to get to your class in time with much needed exercise sprinting across campus .

Dismal, grey, dreich? We don’t think so.

The winner will be announced early next year.