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Taylor Swift’s CO2 emissions will balance out if 70k of us stop eating meat, apparently

Environmental queen encouraging us all to go vegan!!

Last week, it was revealed Taylor Swift racked up the most CO2 emissions of any A-lister this year, armed only with a private jet. And yes, the internet lost its shit a little bit.

Memes were made, lessons were learnt and hate came in AVALANCHES. But, in amongst all the chaos, one rational Swiftie decided to take action.

Turns out, we don’t need to vilify Taylor for (allegedly) popping to the shops on her massive aeroplane anymore. If just a handful of us made small changes every now and then, we could balance out the fuel used by the star’s private jet.

Sorry – did I say a handful of us? I meant 70,000. And obviously, by “small changes”, I mean eliminating beef from our diets.


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On a subreddit called r/YouBelongWithMemes, user JKUAN108 posted “a modest proposal for Taylor’s carbon footprint.”

“As well we know,” they said. “Taylor has a lot of followers and fans… so here is my proposal: If Taylor could convince 70,000 of her American fans to cut their beef consumption in half, it would completely offset the carbon footprint of her private jet.”

No, seriously. They actually did the maths and everything. Apparently, the average American “produces approximately half a ton of CO2 every year from eating beef.” Now, we’re not sure if we can back those numbers up exactly, but Forbes claims the meat and dairy industries make up for 14.5 per cent of total man-made emissions, which is pretty huge.

taylor swift private jet

So, okay, maybe JKUAN108 has a point. But that’s a lot of people, compared to one private jet.

A spokesperson for Taylor Swift said: “Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect.”

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