Because you were all wondering it, which Sex Education character is your uni?

Lily went to Norwich, obviously

Who knows whether British unis even exist as we know them in the bizarre Wales-London-America fusion that is the world of Sex Education? Like, in Otis’s world, is York as synonymous with being boring as Norwich is for being weird? 

Either way, these characters have got to grow up at some point and when they do they’ll be off to a university befitting their vibe. We’ve worked out what those unis would be and you’ll find the results below. (By all means, hit CTRL+F and skip to your university. If your uni doesn’t feature that’s because IT DOESN’T MATTER AND NEITHER DO YOU x)

Otis – Edinburgh

Otis has an air of thinking he’s better than anyone else – a bit like Edinburgh students. 

Popular, pretentious, Otis would slot right in on a night out in Bourbon, giving people advice on how to finger themselves in the smoking area. 

Ola – Bristol

Ola is just that person who went to uni and started wearing dungarees instead of becoming interesting. Yeah well done Ola. Fuck off. No but seriously, Ola went to Bristol because she saw it ranked highly for Art History or whatever but eventually realised she much preferred doing a lot of ketamine. The cycle is cruel and vicious.

Jackson – Nottingham

I know what you’re thinking. Jackson does sport right? And sport = Loughborough, right? Wrong. You see at Loughborough sport can fully substitute for a personality, but by the end of Sex Education season 2 Jackson realises that’s not the future he wants for himself. So he’ll go to Nottingham, where sport can substitute for 50 per cent of a personality, which is the kind of ratio Jackson would be okay with. He would love Oceana.

Viv – Oxford

Obviously. If you’re on the Quiz Heads, it’s Oxbridge or nothing. 

Maeve – Leeds

We’d originally decided that Maeve would have probably gone to Manchester because she is a being of purest edge and would have obviously blended in very well in Fallowfield. But weirdly enough we actually met Emma who plays Meave last night, and when we told her about this article she specifically requested to be Leeds. And who are we to say no to actual Maeve? In fairness, Maeve did go to Leeds in real life and even lived in Hyde Park. 

Adam – Brookes NOT BOOKS

Brookes is kind of like army school, in the sense that everyone there is a disappointment to their posh dad.

Rahim – UCL

Sexy, wise and well put together. Much like a Masters student at UCL. Wayyyyyyyyy too intense.

Miss Sands – Warwick

All about English and aptitude schemes in the streets, surprisingly kinky in the sheets – just like how every girl at Warwick is secretly a little turned on by the Koan. I’m not wrong. 

Adam’s dad – Cambridge

Like Adam’s dad, people at Cambridge do not fuck. It’s just not the done thing.

Adam’s mum – St Andrews

Lives a quiet, conservative life, except when at Sinners where she gets off her bonce from two wines and wants to kiss all the boys. 

Jean – Newcastle

She’s liberated, she’s fit and she shags, a lot. Jean’s a Newcastle gal through and through, waltzing about Jesmond like she owns the place. She’ll shag the Rah’s and the boys with mullets because she just doesn’t care, it’s not like she’s ever going to see them again. Apart from maybe across the smoking area at Swingers.

Aimee – Leeds Trinity

She might not have the entry requirement for Uni of but she does wear flares, which is enough to get her into one of the lesser Leeds unis. And she gets to be near Maeve – everyone wins.

Otis’s dickhead dad – Durham

Two words: Inferiority. Complex.

Jakob – Sussex

Intensely chill, just wants to love and be loved. Probs smoked a lot of weed in his time at uni. 

Lily – UEA

Norwich is high-key the weirdest uni in the world. It’s where you’d leave your child if you actually wanted to forget about them for a bit because they had weird Minnie Mouse-ear hair or something. Lily could glide through campus in full cosplay, tentacles and all, and probably still get away with not being the weirdest person there. 

Mr Hendricks – Sheffield

A bit bad at social interactions and way too invested in the school band. Just like how everyone at Sheffield is way too invested in Arctic Monkeys, ten years later than they should be. 

Dex – York

One word: boring. All Dex does is play with his Rubik’s cube. Just like a York student, he’ll remind you of how smart he is because he got into York. But honestly, nobody gives a fuck. 

Steve (Aimee’s boyfriend) – Cardiff

Steve’s highlight of the year is going to Varsity (he really hates it when it’s in Swansea). He’s on the rugby team and enjoys sticking a chilli up his bum during initiations. Guaranteed you will find him in the rugby corner at YOLO every Wednesday with his shirt off and sweating. 

Ruby – Exeter

Bitchy, popular, beautiful: the criteria for any girl wanting to go to Exeter. You’ll find her on Fashion in the Forum, scarf draped nonchalantly around her shoulders, Pret in hand, serving looks and giving no fucks.

Eric – Liverpool

Eric is about one thing and one thing only. That thing is fun and in Liverpool fun is an abundant thing indeed. Catch him in the Raz whacking the air vent above him, smashing fat frogs like he doesn’t have a care in the world, and sneaking off down Smithdown Road to smash plates with an ever-changing gaggle of handsome chaps.

The school governess – Imperial

Doesn’t fuck about. Isn’t much fun either.

Isaac – Lancaster

A silent assassin. You often overlook Lancaster students, just like we all did Isaac. But they’re waiting in the wings to destroy your life, just like Lancaster are when the uni league tables are released and they’re at the top and nobody knows why. 

Issac’s brother – Chester

I mean.. It’s near Lancaster?

Olivia – RHUL

On the surface, she’s bitchy, incredibly well dressed and feels at home when surrounded with people just like her. But underneath she’s a girl’s girl through and through and deep down, she really cares about looking out for other women. Tell me that’s not Royal Holloway.

Anwar – King’s

King’s students are all flash and no substance. Sure, they waltz up and down the strand with the confidence of born and bred Londoners, thinking the sun shines out of their arses, but in reality, they’re just scared little virgins whose arses need a cleanout. Anwar does a science and fills his Instagram with sunlit pics of the gorgeous Guy’s campus. He looks down on people who study at the Strand.

Jackson’s swimmy mum – Loughborough

Take the intense sporting pressure emanating from Jackson’s swimmy mum and spread it across a whole campus. You’ve got Loughborough. Her voice is what you hear crackling through your friend’s phone speaker as they take a call from their pushy af mum.

Jackson’s non-swimmy mum – Birmingham

Jackson’s less swimming obsessed parent learned emotions in the midlands and probably had very unassuming lunches under the shadow of the clock tower. I dunno man she’s just a bit of a nothing character? So yeah, Birmingham.

The guy who didn’t wash his hands – Coventry

Is a bit grimey, doesn’t wash his hands and gives everyone chlamydia. Basically just a sports boy at Cov Uni. 

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