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These Leeds students lived in Maeve from Sex Education’s old student house

The house is on Burley Road

If you haven't heard, Emma Mackey, aka Maeve Wiley from Sex Education, used to be a Leeds student. In fact, she lived in Hyde Park, just like all of us.

Wouldn't it be mad, though, if she lived in your student house? Your silly old rat infested, ceiling-caved-in Leeds student house. Well, we found some students who can say just that.

Eleanor Noyce and her seven other flatmates lived in the Burley Road house that Maeve herself once resided in, and are proud to tell the tale.

Eleanor told The Leeds Tab: "She lived in my house before I did, I saw on an old Instagram that was embedded in a Tab article I think."

This is not shameful self promotion, she actually said that. Then she added: "I lived there in 2018-2019, so I believe she either lived there the year before me or the year before that."

The photo in question shows Emma Mackey posing with her seven other housemates outside of her Burley Road digs, with the caption "Missing my Burley babes."

Eleanor said: "It's pretty cool knowing that she lived in the same house as us considering how many thousands of student houses there are in Leeds.

"I was so shocked when I saw the Instagram of her posing for Leeds ball in front of my old house. I'm a massive fan of Sex Ed, it's most inclusive show going."

Emma's Instagram, if you go back far enough, is full of pics of Leeds from her time there, including the iconic Parky B.

Basically, if you haven't found a house for next year, we'd recommend fighting over the newly-iconic 128 Burley Road.

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