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Fashion in the Forum: Week 10

The Thanksgiving edition

As the worlds of feasting and fashion perusing collide, this week is an opportune moment to reflect on what we have to be thankful for.

Faux fur? The Polo Neck? Up to 70 per cent off everything at ASOS?

Feast your eyes on the stylish students that I was thankful to find strutting through forum this week.

Ronnie, Third Year, Economics

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Ronnie brings a pop of colour and pattern this week in a Zara coat and ASOS boots, demonstrating the art of putting a twist on a classic.

Even her jeans were hand-embroidered by a friend, the design inspired by artist Keith Haring.

Thankful for: whoever invented the "peace n pout" pose

Ed, Second Year, Business and Management

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In the microcosm of campus and it's ever-changing trends, it's easy to forget that fashion doesn't need to be experimental to be cool.

Ed finesses the art of keeping it simple, in classic Topman jeans and a vintage Adidas Tee from Sobey's.

Thankful for: his friends

Kinvara, Second Year, Economics

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From the immaculate coordination, to the pop of pastel and PVC coat, Kinvara is everything we're aspiring to be this season.

Her most cherished pieces are the vintage Roberto Cavalli jeans and coat from Danish brand Stand Studio.

Thankful for: Black Friday Sales

Peter, Third Year, English Literature

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When you've got campus at 1pm and golf at 1.30.

Peter dons the American Golf Dad look and let's be real, you wish you could pull it off too. His vintage Lacoste golf vest and beige trousers are both from the Kilo Sale. Take notes.

Thankful for: Pret's veggie Christmas sandwich

Annie, Second Year, Psychology

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Who knew that fur and denim were a match made in heaven? Annie is understated yet eye-catching in this double denim ensemble.

Her swoon-worthy TK Maxx jacket is complemented by the tie-dye detail on her jeans; simple, yet effective.

Thankful for: a trusty TK Maxx bargain

Brandon, Second Year, Marketing

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Brandon champions neutral tones in the ultimate campus-chic look, with linen trousers from Thailand and scarf from Scotland.

Thankful for: US signing pro-democracy treaty for Hong Kong

Alice, Second Year, French and Italian

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In the words of Anna Wintour: every woman needs a statement coat.

Alice is taking notes from the fasion bible itself in this TK Maxx coat. What better way to make a statement than with Zebra print? And how better to style it than make it the centre of your outfit?

Thankful for: being at Exeter!

Sam, Second Year, Business and Management

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Sam epitomises luxury on a student budget, in his vintage Balenciaga puffer and Ralph Lauren trousers from Depop (of course).

Thankful for: being able to study at Exeter

Thea, Second Year, Spanish and Portugese

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Thea continues to champion the statement piece, in this exquisite coat from the vintage kilo sale.

Thankful for: this unreal coat

Vicky, Post Grad, Accounting and Finance

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50 shades of neutral is a theme this week – completed by Vicky in this outfit you can bag exclusively from Uni Qlo.

Thankful for: Chinese food

Yes Vicky, us too.

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