Safer Sex Ball 2019: Exeter’s Best Undressed

Let’s get shipfaced

After making a comeback last year, the Safer Sex Ball is officially bigger and better than ever.

Hundreds of you got your kit off and trekked to Torquay for Exeter's most notorious event, because what better way is there to spend a cold November evening?

This year's theme was 'Under the Sea' and wow did you lot put some effort in. From mermaids to lifeguards, and fish to submarines, we've truly seen it all.

Check out our favourites:

Kitty and Martha, First Year, Geography and English and Drama

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10/10 for effort

Dan, Owen, Josh, Scott, Dan and Alex, Fourth Year, Business, Engineering, Economics, Geography and Sports Science

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Save me pls I'm drowning x

Allie and Jordan

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Safer Sex Ball ??‍♀️ #ssb #deepsea

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Now that's what you call golden hour

Daisy, OC and CU, First Year, Maths, Criminology and Geography

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Rodeo bulls are so last year

Ellie, Esme and Lydia

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Bonus points for the backdrop

Ollie, First Year, Spanish and Italian

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The only time speedos are acceptable


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The parents would be proud?

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Solid attempt at mermaid scales

James and Lizzie, Second Year, Ancient History and English

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This year SSB, next year the Olympics.

Liv, First Year, Drama

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Serious coral reef vibes

Gabby and Edith, Third Year, History and International Relations

Image may contain: High Heel, Footwear, Shoe, Human, Person, Clothing, Apparel

I guess fishnets are sea themed?

Aisha, Fay, Rachel, Nicolette and Iris

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You can't go wrong with stockings and suspenders

Scott, Fergus and Niall

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Beer goggles @safersexball

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Bonus points for drinking out of a jug

Joe, Third Year, Geography

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We love practical footwear

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