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Meet James Taylor: Uni grad and Made in Chelsea’s latest full-time player

He has three girls on the go!!!

Made in Chelsea’s James Taylor is really running riot in the current series of the show. He’s a university graduate with almost 25,000 Instagram followers and this is the third series he’s featured in.

He’s previously dated Toff, Tiff Watson and Frankie Gaff but has now moved onto three other Made in Chelsea girls, at the same time?!

He’s quite fit and previously hasn’t been at the forefront of the Made in Chelsea drama, but now he’s making a name for himself it’s time we found out a bit more about him. Here is everything we know about the blonde graduate.

James went to Regent’s University London

He studied Global Business Management from 2014-2018 and got a 2:1 which means he must have spent some time concentrating doing something other than fucking over girls.

He was awarded a polo scholarship which got him 15 per cent off his tuition fees – not that he really needed it as we all know just how rich the Made in Chelsea lot are. They only give out two of these each year so he must have been doing something right.

His Insta feed is full of him posing around campus during his time there. He obviously knew he was destined for the screen.

He joined Made in Chelsea in 2017 for Season 14

His first appearance was him teaching Sam Prince how to play polo – classic. He joined with Digby Edgley, Sophie “Habbs” Habboo and Clementine Cuthbertson also joined the show.

He’s a bit of a dick when it comes to girls

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In the past few episodes alone, he flew Verity Bowditch over to Paris for a date and THEN he did the same with Eliza Batten but obviously told her “she was the only girl he would EVER do that for”, THEN she found out he was still messaging Verity so sacked him off and now he’s dating Rosi-Mai Walden – it’s too hard to keep up.

He also doesn’t seem to care that much and some people are even comparing him to Spencer Matthews – girls watch out.

He worked as a Counsellor at an American summer camp

He spent his summer in 2015 teaching American kids to wake board and water ski over in Maine. This makes him kinda hot. He proves on his Instagram he’s also pretty good at it! On his Linkedin he says “counselling children of this age was a challenge at times, however great to learn such skills” – cute.

And also as a design agent

He worked for an electrical manufacturing company but by the sounds of it didn’t love his time there. He went as far as to slate the company on his Linkedin saying “being the design teams ‘b***h’ had little benefits” – ouch.

He is FIT

Some people started off unsure but just look at him. Blonde, tanned, good jawline and gooood style.

He likes skiing

He’s got snaps of him skiing with his mates. Even one with a questionable ski suit but each to their own.

And generally just travelling

He’s been to some pretty cool places like Arizona, Cape Town and St Tropez. He also spends a lot of time in and around London with his mates and just having an all round good time.

He’s plays polo

He’s played at a range of clubs including Cambridge, Exeter and even Dallas. It’s your classic posh boy sport and James is really living up to that lifestyle.

You can catch James on your screens every Monday at the moment to see what else he gets up to.

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