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Made in Chelsea Rich List: This is exactly how much money each cast member actually has

Spoiler: they all have a lot of money


Made in Chelsea is for posh, rich, good looking people who live in West London. We've already told you who's the poshest and telling you who the fittest is would be very objectifying, so now it's time to tell you exactly who is the richest Made in Chelsea cast member of all time.

We've gone right through the seasons, from the OGs, to the weirdos who show up in the holiday seasons, this is it: The Official Made in Chelsea Rich List. Prepare to be jealous.

Stephanie Pratt – £300k

After coming into fame when she joined the cast of The Hills with her brother Spencer in 2007, Stephanie Pratt began dating Spencer Matthews and appeared on E4's Made in Chelsea in 2013.

She stayed on the show until season 13 and stayed in the UK to do several more TV appearances. She appeared on a spin of Celebrity Big Brother, Celebs Go Dating, Drunk History and Virtually Famous.

The 32-year-old has formed her whole career around being a TV personality and continues to do so, however it doesn't seem to be making her a great deal of money.

Tiff Watson – £500k

Tiffany Watson has basically been riding off other people as she currently works for her sister at her jewellery company and shares a vegan restaurant in West London with her that their dad definitely bought them.

The Watson money (about £90 million of it) comes from their father, Clive, selling his pubs to Green King. What she does herself is run a fitness and lifestyle blog, and this has landed her with enough money to live pretty well in Chelsea.

She's been on Made in Chelsea since since 2014 and finally left the show last year when her and Sam Thompson broke up.

Liv Bentley – £600k

Liv Bentley, 23, joined MiC in 2016 and has been on the show ever since, even after she was filmed doing cocaine at a party. The tabloids later came after her, claiming she had lied about being related to the founder of Bentley Motors. However she has confirmed she is the great-great-granddaughter of the founder.

Bentley Motors was eventually sold for £430 million and she will have lived off a share of that cash. Not too shabby.

To make her own money, Liv is a photographer, specially in nude art.

Alex Mytton – £600k

DJ and all round player, 27-year-old Alex parties hard, but where does he get the money to pay for it? From the sounds of it, he literally just DJs and appears at clubs to make loads of money.

Lucy Watson – £650k

27-year-old Lucy shares the £90 million fortune with her sister. But, as well as this and the restaurant they run, Lucy owns her own jewellery brand, Creature Jewellery.

She describes herself on her own website as "a leading TV personality", so I guess that's how she's claiming to be making her thousands.

She was recently seen doing a promo video with Marcel from Love Island for Gumtree. It was fucking tragic.

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Jess Woodley – £650k

Jess Woodley, best friend of Georgia Toffolo, is reportedly the biggest diva on the show. She has been known to throw tantrums when she isn't allowed into clubs and was even caught up in a mini drug scandal of her own when she was caught sniffing a suspicious white substance outside a Premier Inn after Secret Garden Party with Lottie Moss.

Aside from these incidents, the 23-year-old has made a decent career for herself after leaving Made in Chelsea as a fashion designer and photographer.

Georgia Toffolo – £800k

Toff left Made in Chelsea and went on to bigger and better things after she won I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2017. She's also appeared on Celebs Go Dating, confirming her place as an official TV personality.

She isn't actually from a posh background, despite what her name would suggest, as her father sells scrap metal for a living. However she is a self-confessed Tory. She studied Politics at Westminster University and says she'd like to become a lawyer one day, although doubt she'll need to if she's already making this much cash.

Sam Thompson – £850k

Sam's only job we've heard about on Made in Chelsea is being a PA to Jamie Laing a few seasons back. But he mostly lives in his sister's shadow, gaining a lot of fame from posing as her on his Instagram account.

However, since appearing on a few reality TV shows such as Celebs Go Dating and Celebrity Big Brother, he's become a TV personality in his own right.

Frederick Ferrier – Hundreds of thousands

Somewhat of an enigma, Frederick's net worth is a little tricky to figure out. He studied Music and Languages at the University of Bristol and has gone on to do a variety of jobs on top of appearing on Made in Chelsea.

He's the Director and Founder of GEIST, an international private art dealership and collection, plus he's a model. No wonder he's making so much.

Andy Jordan – Over one million

After getting dumped by Louise, Andy fucked off to Cornwall to sell flip-flops or something. He's also playing the guitar a lot, and somehow making millions? Maybe we should all move to Cornwall.

Rosie Fortescue – £1.1 million

Rosie stayed on the show from day one until season 13, when incessant shit-stirring got too boring for her. She's gone on to make her own fortune, despite coming from a lot of money already (obviously).

Her dad, Nick is director of Seymours Art Advisors and is worth about £1.3 million himself, so Rosie has done well to catch herself up. She runs an fashion blog, At Fashion Forte and owns her own jewellery line.

Louise Thompson – £1.2 million

Recently engaged to meat-head Ryan Libbey, 28-year-old Louise owns her own clothing line called Pocket Sport. She's also an Instagram influencer and author.

Binky Felstead – £1.4 million

She started off as a PA before she joined Made in Chelsea. Next thing she knew, she was getting cheated on by Alex Mytton and knocked up by my-parents-raised-me-well JP.

This television whirlwind left Binks quite the fortune as she went on to have her own TV show about bringing up her daughter, start a clothing line with In The Style, and own her own cosmetics company.

Victoria Baker-Harber – £1.5 million

She's been an elusive presence throughout almost the whole of the Made in Chelsea storyline, never revealing much, aside from her deep and intense hatred for Cheska Hull.

She made her million (and a half) as a fashion designer for Elle-en-Jette, a bikini brand.

Mark Francis Vandelli – £2 million

Named the poshest person ever to be on Made in Chelsea, it's safe to say Mark has the money to back it up. He owns a French atelier, Gripoix in Paris, but I don't really know what that means.

However, he's started using his poshness to make dirty money fast, as he was recently seen endorsing McDonald's at their fancy new burger restaurant pop-up thing. So cheap, Mark!

Jamie Laing – £2 million

Leeds grad, and heir to the McVitie's fortune (which is £485 million by the way), 29-year-old man-child, Jamie Laing has made his own money by starting a sweets company, Candy Kittens. We were all dubious when he first announced it on the show, but it actually really took off to be fair to him.

Millie Mackintosh – £2 million

Another heir to a sweet fortune (get it), is 29-year-old Millie, who left Made in Chelsea back in 2013. Her family sold Mackintosh Confectionary to Rowntree for £200,000, so they're doing okay.

She used to be married to Professor Green, but ditched him to go back to her MiC ex, Hugo Taylor. But we'll get onto him later.

Josh Patterson – £2.5 million

Okay this might just be me, but I'm really surprised JP has this much money? I swear Binky is way more famous. Maybe it's the gender pay gap.

He's a former rugby player, now a model, and that's about it. I guess you can make millions just being good looking. He was raised well after all.

Alik Alfus – £2.6 million

Alik and his adorably weird dad are in the leather business together and looks like they're really good at it. Alik is the Vice President of his father's company, which is worth about £3 million in stock alone.

Spencer Matthews – £2.9 million

Spencer was basically the OG fuckboy after he shagged and subsequently cheated on almost every female cast member on Made in Chelsea. But where did he learn these tricks? Perhaps it was his years as foreign exchange trader earning over £100k a year.

He was born into a lot of money, as his parents own the legendary Eden Rock hotel in St Barths, which profits over £2 million a year.

Hugo Taylor – £3 million

32-year-old Hugo is one of the wealthiest of the original MiC cast, making his money through his sunglasses company Taylor Morris, which he co-founded in 2013.

But this isn't his only source of money, Hugo's father is a QC and therefore earns well over £250k a year. Nice way to look after your family I guess.

Sophie Hermann – £3.5 million

While Sohpie Hermann is a fashion designer, blogger and model, it's likely that her money was mostly inherited as her family are worth a crazy £14 million as her mother, Luise invented Mustang Jeans.

Ollie Proudlock – £5 million

If you didn't already desperately wish you were Proudlock's fiancée Emma, I bet you do now! We already knew he was extremely posh, as he was in the same year as Prince Harry at Eton and they have loads of mutual friends.

But now we also know that he's absolutely fucking loaded. He's the founder of Serge DeNimes the fashion and jewellery brand, taking from his mother who also worked in fashion and is herself worth £780k.

Mimi Bouchard – £6 million

This one is the only one that's actually really pissed me off. Maybe it's because Mimi is a smug bitch. Maybe it's because she wrote a book about how poor people don't make money because they just haven't really set their mind to it.

So, how did she do it? She literally just made a blog. That went really big. And became a magazine. Ffs Mimi stop being successful it pisses me OFF.

Ollie Locke – £7.8 million

How did Ollie Locke make so much money? He made a gay dating app! Obviously! He's been on the show literally since day one and is literally the nation's sweetheart.

He comes from a pretty humble background but by being a loyal babe on the telly and creating a really good dating app, he's literally made millions of pounds. And I couldn't be happier for him.

He also wrote a book called Laid in Chelsea which is just a great pun and he deserves to make a lot of money for that.

Francis Boulle – £10.1 million

So. Here he is. The wealthiest Made in Chelsea cast member. And he really is fucking loaded. Why? Because he literally sells DIAMONDS AND GOLD. It's exactly what you'd expect tbh.

He's officially a "web entrepreneur" and currently owns six businesses. He is heir to the family's diamond business and we couldn't even work out how much money that was. But yeah. He's just really, really rich.

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