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Meet Tabitha Willett: The new Made in Chelsea girl causing drama in Croatia

She was expelled from almost every school she went to

Made in Chelsea is back on our screens for another summer of cheating, drink throwing and expensive boats and this time they're in Croatia. The cast is mostly people we've seen before, with couples like Liv and Digby, Jamie and Ell, and Harry and Melissa bringing the drama yet again.

But there's one addition to the gang who we've only seen very briefly before. Her name is Tabitha Willett and she's coming to cause some drama.

Who is Tabitha Willett?

She's the new girl in the Made in Chelsea gang who has joined the cast in Croatia for this summer's season. She's staying in a villa with Liv Bentley and Ollie Locke.

We haven't seen much of her yet, but she's set to cause a stir in tonight's episode when she asked a mysterious blonde man if he's single after kissing Miles earlier in the series.

She previously appeared briefly in the standard MiC series earlier this year, getting involved in Liv and Digby's relationship drama.

What does she do?

She describes herself as a "Freelance Marketing and Social Media Consultant", but she was until recently working as Head of Membership and Marketing at Albert's Club, according to her LinkedIn profile.

She was previously the Membership Director for the club. She has also been a private personal assistant to many rich families.

She also blogs in her free time and has a new website coming soon.

In an interview with Camilla's Club Tabitha, who also does some modelling, says her biggest loves are shoes, cheese and her dog, Ruby. She also revealed that she was expelled from almost every school she went to.

Who does Tabitha know in Chelsea?

Tabitha spoke to the MailOnline about her relationships with the other cast members. She said: "Habbs [Sophie Habboo] and I just had such a laugh together. I only actually met her during filming last season but have fallen completely in love with her.

"We had such a giggle and for a time were the only two single girls in the cast so had fun with that too."

She also spoke of her friendships with Ollie and Liv: "Ollie barely left my side and was such an amazing wing man. I have known him for years and years in London but never in such close encounters so it was incredible to hang out with him every day.

"The other person who I loved being with was Liv – I have known her my whole life so it was really like having a sister out there which was very nice during slight homesick moments."

However she also said she felt like "the new girl at school."

She added: "I was the only newbie this season which I think made it a little bit easier as people showed genuine interest in me and wanted to get to know me. There are a lot of strong characters and I think it is important to embrace it and dive in head first.

"Saying this, everyone is so welcoming and lovely that I feel like I fell into it very quickly. The benefit of having a soft entrance though is getting up to speed with everyone else's dramas as there is always a lot going on in Chelsea!"

She is also said to be a close friend of Georgia Toffolo, who isn't appearing in this summer's series.

Who is her ex-boyfriend?

Her most recent ex appears to be Fraser Carruthers, who she tagged in an Instagram post with the caption "When your boyfriend is a ? ".

Although this was only seven months ago, she said she wasn't in an exclusive relationship when she joined Made in Chelsea.

If you go a few years back on her Instagram you'll find Jojo Regan, who we can only assume is her ex-boyfriend. It looks as though they spent a lot of time holidaying (in Croatia of all places) as well as taking trips to Ascot and lying in bed with Tabitha's dog.

What is Tabitha's Instagram?

Tabitha has a reasonable following of 11.1k on her Instagram (tabitha.willett). She mostly posts pictures of her friends and family, fashion and her King Charles spaniel, Ruby.

Who does Tabitha get with on Made in Chelsea?

Speaking to the MailOnline, Tabitha said: "I was seeing someone when I started the summer series but nothing was exclusive as we didn't want to put pressure on anything and just enjoy our summers.

"I have since been in a relationship and am now single again. I am not sure love is what I am looking for but I am open to anything."

Speaking about her relationship with Miles, she said: "There was someone actually, but I think it was more of a physical attraction rather than actually liking the guy. Miles shocked me out of everyone. I think this is because this was dramatic for me."

The first two episodes of the series saw Tabitha get together with Miles, then things swiftly ended after Miles admitted to Ell his feelings for Tabitha weren't strong enough.

In the preview for tonight's episode, we see Miles say he'd be jealous if Tabitha got with anyone else, and the new girl asking a handsome blonde man if he's single. Sounds dramatic.

When is Made in Chelsea on?

Made in Chelsea: Croatia is on every Monday at 9pm. Episode three is on tonight and you can watch the previous episodes on All4.

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