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Who is Jamie Laing’s new girlfriend? The 19-year-old with a billionaire dad

She’s real pretty

If you're like me and are still watching Made in Chelsea because you simply will not admit it's totally dead, then you would have seen a brunette addition to the cast arrive in the final moments of last night's show to greet Jamie Laing.

As Jamie's ex Frankie walked away, out went the old and in came the new, who goes by the name of Heloise Agostinelli. But who is this mysterious, long boot wearing socialite? I know you can't until next Monday to find out so I'm just going to run you through.

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Heloise, or Ell, is only 19 years old, making her 10 years younger than Candy Kittens owner, Jamie Laing. She is the daughter of Italian American billionaire, Robert Agostinelli who, according to Forbes, is the 416th richest person in America, worth $1 billion, and is apparently close friends with George Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy.

He's the chairman and co-founder of private equity firm Rhône Group and previously worked at Jacob Rothschild bank in Switzerland and Goldman Sachs.

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Although we've only seen her in one outfit so far, she looks like she knows her fashion, which is probably because her mother, Mathilde Favier-Meyer, is a Public Relations Manager at Dior Couture. Her Instagram highlights include multiple videos from the second row of the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week. Quelle surprise.


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She has a few modelling pics up on her Insta, and Jamie said he is "Very proud" of her "for being in the centre pages of Point de Vue mag", so we can only assume she's going into the world of fashion and modelling.

@pointdevue_mag out now! ❤️ @kittyrussell3

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After extensively stalking Ell's very aesthetic Instagram, we can gather that she spends her time in Paris, the US and London, as well as holidaying in Mexico, Spain and even Magaluf (maybe she is normal after all – or maybe it's just because she's only 19).


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Last day ?

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If you think her holidays look good, her home life isn't too bad either, she has a little dog for crying out loud!

Reunited ?❤

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Despite only appearing on Made in Chelsea briefly last night, Ell and Jamie appear to have been an item for a while, first posting pictures of each other on Instagram in February:


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I like bubble gum

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Jamie told The Sun:"I have been having a lot of date nights with this new mon amis [my friend] and it is actually making me slightly excited and giddy for life.

"She’s 19! So what? It doesn’t make a difference. I will never ever be in the same decade as her. When I turn 30, she turns 20."

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