A considered ranking of the worst ever couples on Made In Chelsea

Unsurprisingly Spencer features a lot

The new couples on MIC possess emotional capacities of teaspoons and they’ve left the audience longing for the days of typical drama. Remember Spenny’s serial cheating habits? And when JP kept fighting with Binky over her addiction to heavy nights out? Or Gabriella just making everyone around her really uncomfortable?

We’ve looked through the years and sifted through some really unsavoury couples. There’s been cheating, lying and orgies. But think about it, who is the worst?

Ollie and Gabriella

Ah, the familiar look of a flabbergasted Ols

Ah, the familiar look of a flabbergasted Ols

The only thing these two had in common was a foundation shade and a love of perfectly coiffed hair. Without a doubt one of the most awk relationships to appear on TV since Nate tried it on with Jenny Humphrey, it was so bad that when they ended we still felt like we were being suffocated by Ollie’s looks of disbelief.

Not to mention that even when they’d called it quits Gabs – who now goes by ‘London Ellis’ – managed to redefine levels of bunny-boiler by hiring a load of Ollie look-a-likes to star in a lame- AF music video.


Spencer and Louise

After seasons upon seasons of Spenny waking up in other girls’ beds, when these two doomed lovers called it quits it was a breath of fresh air for everyone. In the year that they were together, he played mind games to win Louise’s affections, cheated on her, oh and shagged someone in her bed.

Look at those hands! Naughty

Look at those hands! Naughty

Not to mention they’re responsible for the world’s most cringe shower scene.

Lucy and Proudlock

What do you mean you put the milk in before the tea?

What do you mean you put the milk in before the tea?

This couple, if you can call them that, made our list because they make absolutely no sense. They’re two faves individually, but as a short-lived couple they were just awkward. Lucy was in the midst of a year long will-they-wont-they with Jamie, who also happens to be Proudlock’s best mate. Classic.

Josh and Steph

When your gf doesn't meet the job centre's criteria

When your gf doesn’t meet the job centre’s criteria

When creepy af Josh Shepherd got it on with bestie Spencer’s ex, Steph Pratt, we all knew it was about to go down. Entertaining their domestic bliss for a couple of seasons was fun, but shit eventually hit the fan when he dumped her in LA two weeks after discussing marriage cos he “accomplished more” without her.

Spencer and Lucy

So what if he took her to Paris and the BAFTAs? When SW3’s biggest self-confessed players got together, we knew we were in for a rollercoaster. Everyone laughed at Lucy when she thought she was better than Louise and cried with her when she found out – over Twitter – that Spenny had been unfaithful.

Millie and Hugo


Reminiscing about the good ol’days wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Millie Mackintosh and Hugo.

Starting off happy as larry soon became unbearably cringe to watch – let’s not forget that Mils bought him an engraved photo frame of the two of them snogging. Although, any relationship that begins with one half being the rebound of their best friend is bound to go down in flames – or a swirl.

Boy bye!

Boy bye!

Alik and Louise

*Queue incessant vomiting sounds*

*Queue incessant vomiting sounds*

Only Louise would manage to pull the richest and sickly sweet guy in New York – who just happened to also be single. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, as Louise was quick to call Alik complacent and therefore, ironically, “unattractive.”

Their long distance relationship was just not working, they never saw each other and Alik soon wondered why he was wasting his air miles on someone with “real responsibilities.”

Oh yeah, and she cheated on him with this guy:



Jamie and Frankie

It must be shit when your girlfriend fancies Harry Baron.

Binky and Alex

Ahh young love. After Jamie dropped Binks quicker than a Beyonce album, we thought she’d struck gold with tall dark and handsome Alex Mytton. Their golden relationship quickly came crumbling down when Cheska broke the news to Binky that Alex had an orgy after a night out.

To add fuel to the fire, Mytton’s philandering caused a civil war before our favourite SW3-ers, breaking poor Binky away from her besties.

Sam and Tiff

From the aptly titled vlog “my ball and chain"

From the aptly titled vlog “my ball and chain”

Being unlucky in love must be a dominant gene in the Thompson and Watson families. Sam and Tiff are actually the longest surviving Chelsea relationship, lasting two years before calling it quits. Not quite as manipulative and emotionally draining as Spenny and Thompson Sr, Sam and Tiff have had more ups and downs than anyone.

When it came down to it, she wanted to get hitched and have babies and he’d rather get it on with the nation’s most hated character, nice.

Richard and Kimberley

Like Afghan hounds, they were both wet and floppy. Kimberley fooled everyone with her image of “innocence” until everyone found out she was leading a double life and actually had a boyfriend, lol.

JP and Binky

They may have their own show and look like a picture-perfect family now, but this won’t cover the cracks of their relationship, which were seen in the last few seasons of MIC. JP definitely had anger issues, which were exhibited when Binky went out on a mad one with Louise or when he tried to prove to Ollie that his parents raised him well. Oh and to prove that their relationship was clearly dysfunctional, Binky also cheated on JP.

The worst thing though, was that they’d still call each other “buh” when they were fighting. Eurgh.