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No, Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo should not be the Prime Minister

She’s a 70-year-old Tory trapped in a Made in Chelsea character’s body

In case you haven't realised, since she was crowned queen of I'm a Celebrity: Get me out of here, everyone has fallen in love with Georgia "Toff" Toffolo. So much, they are calling for her to lead the country.

This week E4 posted a video of her on Celebs go Dating with "Toff for Prime Minister", rightwing site The Spectator argued she's the cool face of Young Tories and she told The Times that in 25 years she'd love to become an MP.

The only problem is she's a massive Tory, in the most old-fashioned sense of the word. In the E4 clip – which has since been removed, perhaps because it enraged the public so much – she denies being privileged and spews out lots of rightwing bullshit.

When her date says "the reason I disagree with Conservatism is because at the end of the day, they're happy to leave people behind" Toff calls him "literally Lord Left wing". Before going on to discuss how she isn't privileged, because she actually went to Grammar school for a month.

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Toff finding out the truth

I mean her nickname says it all, and we should have sniffed out the warning signs from the get go. But before she bags a desk in Westminster, here's a list of all the insufferable things Toff's said recently which proves we should avoid her like the plague. And why she certainly should not be Prime Minister of this country:

Toff went to a private school with a £23,000-a-year annual fee and grew up in a mansion in West London, and yet doesn't think she's privileged

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That's like the Queen sitting on a throne in Buckingham Palace and being like, "I've had to hustle to get where I am today".

She wants everyone to be equal, which is difficult to hear from someone who has an estimated net worth of £800,000 (and that's before the £5 million in endorsements she will get from I'm a Celebrity)

"I just don't understand how a young person of our age sits with the ideology of socialism" Toff explains on Celebs go Dating. "I think you want to go out and prosper, so how could you be left-wing? I want everyone to work to be equal."

She thinks people on benefits are lazy – even though she has the literal easiest job in the world

Do not be fooled by Toff's sticky-sweet face, wide smile and bouncy blow-dry, she is Kate Hopkins with added Moët and skiing holidays in Verbier.

“It angers me" Toff explains in the above video, "I watch television programmes, and you see people that are sat there that, you know, are clever, you know can go and work, and choose not to, they choose to go and sign on. It angers me".

Come back to me when you've cleaned up someone's watery vomit from a nightclub toilet. Toff you get money from promoting Sensodyne whitening toothpaste and turning up in sequinned dresses to Mahiki. If that was on Job Today, I'm pretty sure we'd all send in a CV.

I mean, Toff says it best herself:

“I left school and went straight into Made In Chelsea – I’ve never had any challenge.”

“I sort of just fell into it. It’s like the perfect job. Well, it’s not really a job, but just me hanging out with my friends.”

“I pay my rent with my Instagram.”

“Do you see how easy it is?”

The Spectator called her 'Boris Johnson in a bikini' and she actually thought this was a compliment

In fact she said it was “the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard.”

She called Jacob Rees-Mogg a 'sex God'

Cute that you think Jacob is sexy Toff, but not so cute to be praising a man who opposes abortion even in cases of rape, is against gay marriage, wants to initiate the dismantling of the NHS. I mean he is the worst guy, he has consistently voted in favour of welfare cuts and against the idea that bankers should pay more tax.

She thinks reverse snobbery is a legitimate form of discrimination

Speaking to The Sunday Times, when asked whether Conservative politician Jacob Rees Mogg would alienate people with his Eton accent, Toff replied, “I don’t think people should be judged for their background.”

I know it is long af getting rinsed for the way you say "bath", but it's much harder for working class people who have to endure actual prejudice. Like not getting a job because the interviewer thinks you sound "common".

Admit it Toff, your mum did the school run in a beastly white Land Rover and you defs had a Latin tutor. And more than that, I'm sure it made life a hell of a lot easier.

She's on first name terms with David Cameron referring to him as 'Dave'

Presumably Toff holidays with him in the Algarve. I know this because all people in the 1% know each other. They ask you what school you went to and respond with, "my brothers, best mates, cousin went there. Do you know her? She's called Esme".

She hates socialism but doesn't like paying for her own shit

On Celebs Go Dating Toff becomes upset when her date suggests she pay for her more expensive steak. Like if you are this go getter Capitalist you should be paying for that rump and pepper corn sauce yourself GF.

On BBC's The Week she told presenters that young people voted for Corbyn in 2017 because it was cool

More like we'd all quite like to afford to buy somewhere to live that isn't our parents garage. Or maybe we just don't fancy the idea of retiring at the age of 98?