Bristol grad goes on Celebs Go Dating and savages Toff from Made In Chelsea

‘I didn’t like her’

Having finished his English degree in May, former Bristol student Benjie Beer sought to fill his new found free time with an appearance on E4's "Celebs Go Dating."

Unfortunately for Benjie, whose creative writing once landed him in front of a uni disciplinary board, his bid to find true love got off to a poor start when he was paired with Georgia Toffolo from Made in Chelsea.

Toff, a card carrying Conservative, never really hit it off with self-described "hideously left-wing" Beer.

Sadly it wasn't love at first sight

Sadly it wasn't love at first sight

Although Toff thought her match"looks nice" and was delighted to hear his favourite TV show is Question Time, the date got off to a rocky start when the MIC star picked a steakhouse to first meet vegetarian Beer.

Talking afterwards to The Tab Bristol, Beer confessed that he didn't know who Toff was prior to meeting her. He said: "I wasn't told what restaurant it would be or who the celebrity was 'til I got there. Then they were like, 'Drum roll, your date is with Toff from Made In Chelsea!' And I was like 'great, where's the wine list', I'd never heard of her."

Fortified by "about ten pints and two shots beforehand", Beer gallantly agreed to drop his principles for the sake of the meal and impressed Toff by mentioning he was in a band, enjoyed indie rock and had taught English to kids in Nepal.

Toff liked his shirt but not his politics

Toff liked his shirt but not his politics

Beer – full name Crispin Peter Benjamin Beer – seemed to have found a connection with Toff over their boarding school backgrounds. However, the conversation soured when the chat turned to national affairs.

Despite having previously told the programme that "I would so much rather chat politics than penis size, any day of the week" Toff became visibly irritated by Beer's seemingly unfitting socialist creed.

Never talk about politics on the first date

Never talk about politics on the first date

"I just don't understand how a young person of our age sits with the ideology of socialism" said Toffolo, estimated net worth £800,000. "I think you want to go out and prosper, so how could you be left-wing? I want everyone to work to be equal."

Benjie immediately shot back: "I believe in equal opportunities for everyone. You had a lot of privileges growing up."

An angry Georgia replied: "My parents have never given me anything on a plate, so I don't understand the whole upbringing thing."

To which Beer retorted: "You mean, apart from a private education?"

The moment Toff found out the truth

The moment Toff found out the truth

Describing the date as "so frustrating" and Benjie as a "complete contradiction" and "literally Lord Left wing", Toff sought to burnish her working class credentials by noting she went to a grammar school, even if it was only for a month.

Benje then compounded the situation by saying: "the reason I disagree with Conservatism is because at the end of the day, they're happy to leave people behind". A drunken confusion over the bill followed and a hammered Benjie journeyed back to Bristol a happier and wiser man.

Four months on and Benjie is still single and now living in Myanmar. Although nothing followed from his dinner with Toff, his TV debut has led to a number of approving comments on social media.

Asked for a comment on his former date, Benjie replied succinctly: "I didn't like her."

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