He’s done it again: Spencer Matthews sleeps with fresher after heavy night

And she left before he woke up

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This is the moment MIC’s Spencer Matthews pulled a lucky fresher – before escorting her home for a night of passion.

The star was partying in Manchester when he met the 19-year-old Graphics undergrad in a club.

He then took the girl, who goes by the nickname “Tooth” and does not want to be named, back to his hotel where “one thing lead to another”.

'Taste good ey?'

Neck and neck

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, she told how Spenny:

LUNGED for a kiss after posing for a photo
• MESMERISED her with his bad boy image and Southern charm
• BEDDED her at a swanky Manchester hotel

But it ended badly for poor Spencer, who woke up alone when Tooth decided to leave before morning.

Sleepy Spenny

Sleepy Spenny

The 19-year-old-told The Tab: “Me and my bessie were in VIP in the club and are avid MIC fans.

“We wanted a picture, but there were too many screaming girls attacking him so we waited, although we kept getting awkward eye contact with him.

“Then one of the lads escorted us over and my mate got her picture first.

“As I was getting my picture he leaned in and kissed me. Then he invited us into his private section.”

They enjoyed a few drinks and a kiss there before the ladies’ man decided it was time to wrap things up.

After leaving the club, Tooth and her friends took a taxi to one of Manchester’s hotels, where she spent the night with the 25-year-old Old Etonian back in Freshers’ Week.

Tooth added: “Because we were so chilled about it, people thought we were his friends and asked for pictures with us.

“When he invited us back to his apartment, two girls followed us and one got in the black cab and refused to get out.

“The argument was intense. We got back to the hotel and had to leave this crazy girl outside.

“We all sat around talking about holidays, it was nice and chilled. Then one thing led to another.”

Young love

Young love

Hoping it wouldn’t be “totally awkward”, the minx did a smash and dash, leaving before morning came.

As The Tab has previously reported, Hotel heir Spenny has built quite a reputation for bedding the nation’s undergraduates.

But Tooth wasn’t put off by Spencer’s womanising ways or the heartthrob’s tendency to cheat on his girlfriends – as witnessed in numerous MIC sagas.

And it’s sure to say this gal does know how to attract a Chelsea boy.

She’s already met Jamie Laing at the Clothes Show in Birmingham back in 2009, and then this followed up with an encounter with Oliver Proudlock at Manchester’s Fashion Weekend in 2013.

A friend of Tooth, Sian Hughes, a Theology student also at Man Met, told The Tab: “She’s a wild gal, loves a bit of a party but when I first found out I didn’t believe it until she sent me a picture.”

She initially only told a few friends, but wouldn’t you brag if you’d shagged Spencer Matthews?