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Before and after: Most shocking Made In Chelsea transformations

So money really DOES buy everything


Welcome back to The Tab’s regular feature where I pretend to be shocked that reality stars who spend money on cosmetic enhancements end up looking nothing like themselves!

We’ve been through the most recent cast of Love Island and the Geordie Shore girls, but what about the cast of Made In Chelsea? Here is what the girls looked like before and after they went on the show:

Louise Thompson

Before: Louise briefly appeared in the first series of Made In Chelsea but became a regular cast member in the second series, when she was re-introduced as Spencer’s ex.

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After: Seven years later, her lips seem bigger, her nose looks more slender and her cheeks appear fuller. She’s also changed the shape of her eyebrows. And she’s finally stopped crying over Spencer, thank god.

Binky Felstead

Before: Binky is an OG Made In Chelsea cast member who appeared between the years 2011-2017.

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After: She’s swapped the smudged kohl eyeliner for a subtle smoky eye. She’s also ditched her natural hair for hair extensions. Binky now has a baby called India and lives a really wholesome lifestyle.

Stephanie Pratt

Before: Before MIC, Stephanie Pratt was best known for her appearance in The Hills and she was wild back then. She first appeared on MIC in 2013 as Spencer’s then girlfriend.

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After: Steph’s whole look has changed a lot through the years, as she seems to have had a fair amount of plastic surgery procedures. Her nose looks a lot slimmer, her cheeks are plumper and her lips are definitely bigger. She’s also had her teeth whitened.

Lucy Watson

Before: Lucy first appeared on Made In Chelsea in 2012. She always maintained a natural look and had long, brown hair.

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After: Lucy’s eyebrows are a lot more prominent nowadays and her hair is a darker brunette. Lucy doesn’t look that much different but like many of her co-stars, it looks like she’s had her lips and cheeks done.

Tiff Watson

Before: Tiff was the angelic sister of Sass Queen Lucy Watson. She came in with long blonde hair and always wore natural make up.

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After: Since being on Made In Chelsea, it’s been speculated that Tiff has had a boob job and her lips also look plumper than before. Oh and she’s also cut off all her hair, just like her exes.

Rosie Fortescue

Before: Fresh faced Rosie first appeared on MIC in 2011.

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After: Rosie’s hair is shorter and blonder after her days on MIC. Her eyebrows seem more raised which is an indication of Botox and her lips seem plumper, but it could be the lipstick she’s wearing. Her nose definitely looks slimmer too.

Kimberley Garner

Before: Kimberley was most remembered for being a virgin and dating Richard.

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After: I don’t know what has happened but she’s had the biggest glow up since leaving MIC. Her nose looks different which indicates plastic surgery, her lips are fuller and her eyebrows have a more defined shape. Plus, her hair is a more natural blonde.

Jess Woodley

Before: Jess entered the show with long blonde hair and thin eyebrows.

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After: She has gone through a dramatic style transformation, with her eyebrows looking really full and lips looking much bigger than before.

Nicola Hughes

Before: Back when she was with Alex Mytton, Nicola’s hair was big, blonde and bouncy.

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After: She’s dyed her hair to a darker colour and now has a fringe. It doesn’t look like she’s had any cosmetic procedures done, but her eyebrows are a different shape.

Millie Mackintosh

Before: Millie is a Made In Chelsea veteran and appeared from the first series. She’s always had a natural make-up look.

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After: She still looks as youthful as when she started MIC in 2011. Millie has never said she’s had any plastic surgery done, but some have noticed that there is now a greater space between her eyebrows and upper lid and her lips seem slightly bigger too. ?

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