Why does tequila make me so drunk? All the myths of tequila answered

One thing is for sure, those hangovers are bad

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It's 1am. You're in the pop room at the SU and your flatmate has just suggested tequila shots. From then on you know the night is going to take a turn. The next morning you wake up, still in last night's clothes, with a killer hangover and a distinct burning taste in your mouth. Ahh, the familiar feeling of tequila. But why does tequila make you so drunk? Does tequila actually turn you crazy, make you angry or make you cry? Is tequila actually the drink of winners? What is the truth behind the myths of tequila?

Here are all the common questions we have about tequila, and the science behind whether or not they are true.

Why does tequila make you so drunk?

Okay, let's cut to the chase. I don't think I've ever met someone that doesn't think tequila makes you crazy drunk.

But according to science, it's not the tequila. Alcohol is just alcohol, and whatever you are drinking will make you drunk.

Scientists instead think it's down to "drunk expectancies" that we feel more drunk, and feel different emotions when we drink certain things.

So basically, because in our heads we think tequila makes us go wild and become absolutely paralytic – it does.

You WILL drink this tequila, and it WILL make you wild drunk

Why does tequila make you sick and give you the worst hangovers?

You're not alone in thinking some drinks give you different hangovers. It's a common belief drinking wine, beer and spirits all cause varying degrees of hangovers.

Science has proven that prosecco drunk is actually a thing -but, for tequila, it's a drinking myth! Good quality tequila should actually leave you hangover free.

100 per cent agave tequila doesn't give you a hangover – but this is only the top, highest quality tequila, so what you get down the SU on a Wednesday night probably doesn't compare.

You most likely experience worse hangovers because of drinking tequila as a shot – which leads to drinking in higher quantities. Which of course, will give you a worse hangover.

This is going to hurt in the morning

Why does tequila make you so crazy and angry?

It's nothing new people think different spirits make them feel different ways. For example, science has confirmed red wine makes you feel slutty and gin makes you fitter, but also a psychopath. But does tequila make you feel completely different emotions to other spirits?

Apparently not. Whatever spirit you drink, or however you drink it – alcohol is alcohol, so no one particular drink can be blamed for a change in behaviour or emotion – it's literally just down to the fact you're having a huge sesh.

I bet all three of them are mad drunk

Is it the tequila that makes you cry?

Now I'm beginning to think that society has a personal vendetta against tequila – it gets blamed for everything.

And tbh, we need to leave tequila alone.

Crying when you drink is another thing that cannot be blamed on the exact spirit – just the drinking and pure levels of consumption.

Cue the tears!!!

Is tequila drunk a different type of drunk?

I refuse to believe anyone that says drinking tequila doesn't make you a whole other level of drunk. But yet again, this can't solely be blamed on the spirit itself.

When you're drinking tequila, you are definitely on a mad one. End of argument – that is why you are drunk, throwing up, dancing on tables and acting completely unlike yourself.

However, science has confirmed people that drink more are more intelligent – so you can take that one at least.

Is tequila good for your health?

Stop what you're doing and take a shot – because science actually says tequila has some health benefits.

It is good for your digestion and immune system because it contains high amounts of inulin, which grows good bacteria in the gut.

Agave, which is the base ingredient of tequila, can also help calcium absorption in the body. Which means tequila drinkers can also reap the benefits of not having to worry about early on-set arthritis.

Moderate drinkers also have a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive loss, according to a study in 2008. So a tequila shot here and there could help lower your risk of dementia.

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