Tequila is the drink of winners

¡Arriba Arriba!

We are all human, and by that sense I mean, we are all creatures of habit. We have our own individual preferences and we love to stick to them.

Then I realised, there is one preference out there that makes you stick out above the rest. The kind of thing where, if you dropped it subtly in conversation it would make me scream aloud and probably tell you, “I love you”.

Some like Vodka, many love Gin, others are impartial to Whisky. But you’re all boring bastards to me, unless your drink of choice is Tequila.

For those of you who love Tequila, and of course there are quite a lot of us, you’ll know all too well why its the drink of winners.

It’s the only alcohol that isn’t a depressant. 


Hallelujah praise Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. If you get smashed on Tequila then there’s no worry that you might just start sobbing about your ex to a random bitch at predrinks.

Hell no, this time you’ll be the one dancing on tables, grinning from ear to ear, having people second guess, “What are you on?”.

The world will seem like a better place, and it’ll be all down to TEQUILA.

It can be turned into Diamonds. 

If you consider yourself a princess, and have a thing for sparkly shit, then you’ll take pride in knowing your drink of choice can actually be turned into actual diamonds.

Maybe a lot of you will think that’s kind of cool, but not really worth the thought.

I say, you’re wrong. You’re ingesting a recipe of diamonds.

In its purest form, it is good for your health. 

its the best

Its the best

You read that correctly.

The American Chemical Society ran many tests, proving that because tequila derives from the Agave plant, and therefore contains the sugar Agavina, which increases the production of insulin in your blood, it lowers your blood sugar levels overall. GENIUS.

Helps you lose weight 

Keep freaking out, because yes you can now go out get drunk and lose weight in the process.

Again, thanks to the American Chemical Society, they also proved through experiments with mice, that the mice who had more tequila, ate less and lost weight.

Like I need another excuse to drink more?!

Mixed with anything Citrus, you can barely taste it.  

I’m talking a lot of citrus.

For example, try my personal concoction – lemon squash, tequila and orangina (so good).  Or if you want to be a bit classier than go for a Tequila sunrise!

I promise you, you won’t even taste it with all that citrus,  you’ll keep drinking it and you will have the best night ever.  It’s guaranteed.

You get a mini sombrero FOR FREE. 

so cute

so cute

That little sombrero. SO cute, and just begging to be used as a shot glass.

It’s from Mexico, making it hot and exotic.  

me thinking of mexico

Me thinking of mexico

How I love to just sip on that tequila and transport myself to the land of hot and spicy Mexico.

Evidently, tequila is the drink of winners and the only thing left to do now is go to the shop, pick up a Sierra Silver Tequila and go wild.