Very important questions the rest of the world has for drunk British people

We’re not okay

Yes, Great Britain may not be as great as it once was, but one thing we've always been amazing at is getting really really drunk. It's pretty much an art at this point, perfected over generations in pubs and clubs across the country.

Over 400,000 international students are currently studying in the UK, arriving to discover the carnage that entails having a good time on our quaint island nation.

But what do they actually think of our drinking culture? Are 'train-tinnies' okay? Do we get too fucked? What do they think of our drunk food?

We asked people from all corners of the world for their most pertinent questions and comments concerning the drunk people of these fair isles.

Why do you pre-drink so hard?

We do pre-drinks in Hungary but binge-drinking is not normal behaviour. What I've experienced in the UK is absolutely horrendous. Most Hungarians get over the stage of "let's get smashed cause it's so fun" at the age of 15. Maybe we had an alcoholic childhood but at least we can control it by the time we leave home. I don't get why you do it. Annamaria – Budapest, Hungary

I personally found it silly to have card games which doesn't have a purpose other than becoming ridiculously drunk. Natalie – Sofia, Bulgaria

Why do girls go out dressed like THAT?

Why British girls go out with high heels when they either cannot walk with them or just take them off due to being so drunk? Natalie – Sofia, Bulgaria

“Look at this, I have got massive bobs and a hot ass”, that is the message girls send with what they wear. It is not about fashion or taste – which I know something about as I'm from Milan, which is the fashion capital of the world. The tiniest top, the shorter skirt, the tightest leggings, the see-through shirt. Why is it a battle to see who can show the most? Valentina – Milan, Italy

What British girls wear on nights out just looks so uncomfortable! I'm used to it now, but at first I was really surprised by the short skirts and high heels. Leonara – Groningen, Netherlands

Why do British boys think it only takes a smart shirt to make us swoon?

Boys either dress really posh or they don't really care and just wear jeans and a t-shirt. The posh type are always in a shirt and try to be gentlemen and mostly fail in doing so. Why? It is funny but also kind of tragic. Valentina – Milan, Italy

Why do you drink during the day?

It's kind of weird how you go to the pub to drink beer during the afternoon. Like, even during your lunch at work. ChangJun Eun – Daegu, South Korea

I've come to accept day-drinking and train tinnies as some of the greatest British traditions. Soren – Cologne, Germany

I think it's hilarious that all Brits I know have stories about day drinking in the park, it's such a massive thing over there. Leonara – Groningen, Netherlands

Why do you have such weird taste in drinks?

Do different VKs flavours actually taste different? And on another note, what's your obsession with Magaluf? Jack – Lusaka, Zambia

The most obvious thing I can think of is that everyone here turns 15 and gets completely destroyed on vodka or other 40 per cent stuff. How does everyone just accept that as normal behaviour? In Europe people just drink beer and wine to get drunk, but generally not on the same scale as UK teenagers. Markus – Salzburg , Austria

Flat beers like Boddingtons seem very odd at first, but after forcing myself to drink them for a while I’ve managed to acquire a taste for them. Soren – Cologne, Germany

I'm sometimes a bit surprised that British women only drink prosecco and cocktails. I have received compliments for drinking beer by guys more than once, Dutch girls mainly drink beer for your information. Leonara – Groningen, Netherlands

Why are you happy to listen to the same music over and over again?

Why does everyone love Mr Brightside so much? Pearly – Bangkok, Thailand

The average British student doesn’t seem to care at all what music is being played at a club because they're so drunk. This results in all clubs having basically the same playlist repeated every week. Soren – Cologne, Germany

Why does everywhere close so early?

It's super annoying that literally everything closes at 2am in the UK. It's like they're forcing you to go home. But, to be honest, I don't think I would be able to manage your way of partying until the morning. Most people wouldn't. Annamaria – Budapest, Hungary

The main thing that bothers me about nightlife in the UK is that it finishes so early. In the Netherlands, coming home before 5am is shameful, normally you'd get home much later than that. Leonara – Groningen, Netherlands

We prefer pubs, clubbing is not the average night out. We usually sit in a pub from 8pm until 4-5am. Or in the summer we buy some wine (which is not considered posh at home) and sit next to the Danube river. Annamaria – Budapest, Hungary

Drunk British food

The worst I’ve had anywhere and terribly overpriced. Especially the kebabs, they are incredibly bad compared to kebabs in other European countries. But somehow they are still irresistible after a night out. Soren – Cologne, Germany

No comment – I am Italian. Valentina – Milan, Italy

Why do you insist bringing your drinking habits with you when you go on holiday?

Why do British people abroad seem to be constantly wasted? Like, you can sort of tell who's British and who's not when on holiday in Spain or wherever. Oda – Oslo, Norway

English people are always drinking, and always too much. I believe they know how to have fun, but they miss the part of chilling just being tipsy, chatting and enjoying the taste of a drink. That is also fun. So I believe they just have another opinion on what fun is, and I cannot deny them that. It’s fun being drunk and see everything spinning. But I have no idea how they can handle it so many nights per week, they must have naturally stronger livers. Valentina – Milan, Italy