Which alcohol gives you the worst hangover?

WKD is lethal

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It’s a question we all think we know the answer to, but can anyone really be sure? Mixing is the key to disaster, but if you’re trying to avoid feeling like death post-night out and are willing to stick to one type of alcohol, which one should you choose?

We put ourselves through the traumatic experiment to find out for you. You’re welcome.


As the go-to drink for many clubbers, vodka is everywhere. It’s easiest to stick to on a night out because every bar and club sell it, and as long as you don’t get too carried away with quadvods, you should still be alive the next day.

Cheaper brands may as well be re-labelled “you are going to want to kill yourself tomorrow”, as discovered after two quadvods and a couple of doubles. It’s fair to say vodka gives you a specific type of hangover, which is impossible to shift.


Likeliness of not getting out of bed: 8.5/10

Inability to function: 8/10


The prospect of getting to drink something really nice all night for once was obviously extremely appealing following the vodka scenario, and so I eagerly skipped to Tesco to buy a 10 pack of fruity Bulmers.

This skip was gradually replaced by regret, however, when I was forced to fork out the ridiculous prices of a Kopparberg in the club. The lack of finances to afford a lot of drinks when I was out meant the hangover the next day was reasonably acceptable, and after a few chips I was sorted out.


Likeliness of not getting out of bed: 4/10

Inability to function: 5/10


As a drink which people only really have a shot of when they’re off their face and talked into it by their friends, this was another tricky one to keep drinking when out. But I prepared for this, and went out armed with mini handbag-sized tequila bottles, ready to pour into my cokes on the sly.


As I kept buying soft drinks it was a pretty cheap night, and my hangover was extremely average and I didn’t feel like death.

Overall, an tasty drink with a bearable hangover.

Likeliness of not getting out of bed: 6/10

Inability to function: 6/10


Usually one which people commonly associate with killer hangovers, I was not excited for this. Luckily, I was at a dinner party and so could get away with drinking it all night and not looking like a pretentious twat.

I managed to get through countless glasses as the night progressed, eventually resulting in being sick all over my friend’s bed (it was a classy dinner party).

Luckily for me, this meant I actually felt alright the next day, and functioned quite well. Choose wine if you don’t mind something slightly over the average hangover – and if you don’t mind the sick, obviously.

Likeliness of not getting out of bed: 8/10

Inability to function: 6/10


Put in for a laugh, they were a surprising wildcard.

While drinking it, I felt like I was 15 again, and the taste allowed me to reminisce in my rebellious youth. I was shocked when the cashier asked for my ID, but then after closer inspection realised that each bottle is four per cent – not just a lightweight drink after all.

Even so, I had to make sure people didn’t think this was actually my drink of choice, and kept telling everyone at pres it was “for an article, I don’t really like them”– even if my inner teenager was telling me differently.

And then the sugar rush hit. Four bottles in, I was only just starting to feel the effects and had developed an insane craving for something with no trace of sugar. Six bottles and a fat frog gone, and I had to physically hold the sick in a few times.

By the end of the night I was forcing myself to keep drinking them, and found myself actually wishing for a vodka and lemonade.

Hide all the sugar

The next day was largely a write-off, and the sight of sweets made me want to vom. Something no girl needs.

Likeliness of not getting out of bed: 9/10

Inability to function: 8/10

Maybe it’s finally time to give up the WKD.